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Mar 22, 2010 -

Minor Touches Needed

I have just about finished the dishwasher cabinet!!!

What’s left are little finishing touches that require a trip to Home Depot. That is definitely going to be first thing tomorrow!

Because of the angled corner on the kitchen side, I won’t be able to use one of those sliding bolts to secure the door. I’ll have to re-examine the options at Home Depot.

The kitchen side definitely looks less polished than does the dining room side. The door jam isn’t quite as square, although I think I could remedy that by shifting the bottom hinge a tad which would shift the door to cover the slight gap. Considering how hard it was to get that hinge screwed in, I don’t have the strength to remove it and reposition it. 🙂

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Mar 22, 2010 -

A Puzzling Morning

This morning, I have been working on the kitchen side of the dishwasher cabinet. I made a bit more progress on the dining room side last night since I wanted to test something I bought at Home Depot. There’s more to do, but it’ll have to wait until my next Home Depot trip. I decided to postpone it till tomorrow since I have a dinner engagement this evening and will have to stop early.

The kitchen side is a real puzzle. I have been trying to figure out what I would do to make it look pretty since I temporarily set up the counter. I’ve decided that there is no 100% to achieve here and my aim now is to make it look ‘as non ugly as possible.’

The stove added a surprising level of difficulty and I have had to make a tough choice about which side the hinges will be on. I knew I’d have to account for it in determining the door clearance, but there was another challenge beyond that. I’ll follow up on that with pictures once this side is done.

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Mar 21, 2010 -

Doors Make All the Difference

I’m just about done with the ‘dining room side’ of the dishwasher cabinet! The missing trim is cut, but I need some square brackets to assemble the remaining projects, so I’ll definitely need to get myself to Home Depot tomorrow.

Behold the doors that ate up almost three hours today!

Recognize the trim on them? I think this project explains for itself why I love scrounging for parts. I wouldn’t have been able to justify buying expensive trim like that just to ‘gussy up’ my doors. I am incredibly proud of them. I’ll make a door in a similar style for the other side.

Still missing on this side is a false front for the drawer that will mimic the trim work on the doors and hide the rough edges on that side of the unit.

The bottom panel has to remain accessible so I will be getting some magnets to hold it in place. There will be trim around it, but it will only be glued to the panel and not nailed into the cabinet.

I also need to decide how I’m going to fasten the doors. I bought some options yesterday, but I don’t think any of them will work, so I’ll need to see if I have any other choices. I don’t think magnets will be enough.

The door over the drawer doesn’t ‘match’ but this doesn’t bother me. Once everything is painted the same colour, it will all blend in together and the variety of textures will be welcome. Yes, that door overlaps the drawer. I couldn’t figure out a way to secure the drawer and the door just happened to be the right width while being too long so I thought that a well-secured door would also hold the drawer in place.

Today was a good renovation day and buoyed by my success I look forward to tackling the more difficult kitchen side tomorrow!

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