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Jan 21, 2012 -

An Afternoon at Home

The promised thaw arrived today, right on schedule. I headed down to Miranda after lunch with a bucket of hot soapy and vinegary water and spent about an hour scrubbing every inch of the front room, including the inside of the cabinets and the ceiling.

The only lingering project in the rig is the $(%*) trim. What’s there looks great and what’s not there is because of odd angles and uneven flooring. I decided to try a cheap solution and bought a container of brown caulking. I applied some under the vanity in the dressing room and along the shower as an experiment. I’ll see how it looks once it has cured. If I like it, I will do the rest of the trimless floor. I really wish I had thought of this idea sooner. Caulking is super cheap, easy to apply, and if I hate the results, it’s easily removable. I’ll go check out the results tomorrow and try to remember to bring the camera. 🙂

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Feb 21, 2011 -

Little Kitchen Details

My ‘new’ rig is still far from perfectly functional. I’ve been making notes of things that irk me as I go about my days and then picking up solutions whenever I do some shopping.

Spice storage was becoming a surprising issue. I’ve been using a combination of places, but the items are so small that no space was used properly. What I came up with is a perfect use of dead space:

the spice rack fills in the dead space at the top of the bottom cabinet, the front of the upper cabinet, and even clears the shelf

Note that in the bottom cabinet, in the left-hand corner, I added a shelf for the dinner plates. That cabinet has taken a lot of work to make functional and this is it!

these are my savoury spices; the ones for desserts are in my baking basket in the pantry

Another thing that bugged me was the storage of plastic wrap and baggies. I had them on a shelf in the pantry, but that door is hard to open and the jarring motion would always send the boxes tumbling into the entrance stairwell.

I reorganized the under sink cabinet and voila:

home for the taller boxes of wrap and baggies; smaller boxes go in a drawer previously occupied by spices

Unrelated to organizing, I bought a new kettle this week. Back in 2007 I bought a very cheap one since I didn’t boil water very often. Now, I boil water at least once a day and the old kettle was flaking, impossible to clean, and imparting a bad taste. I began researching stove top kettles at least six months ago and discovered that you can get a cheap one under ten bucks or a decent one for $20 up to $50. I set my budget at $20 and decided I didn’t want stainless steel. That left enamel. I found the odd one for $20, but for some reason the kettles were always red.

So when I found this beauty, all alone amongst red kettles, at Fred Meyer this week, and for $19, I jumped! Doesn’t it look pretty next to my new-to-me cast iron pan? And note in the background that I put up a hook for my stove lighter.

I got SO lucky with that pan. It came perfectly seasoned and in great shape. I priced cast iron at Walmart the other day and it was the same price as this pan, but would have required a lot of work to get it seasoned properly. I did do a salt scrub and a new layer of oil so I’d feel that it’s clean. I’ve made yummy grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken, and toast in it.

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Jan 28, 2011 -

The Entrance and Kitchen Before & After, and the Creation of a Library

There is nothing more satisfying than bringing a vision, and a dream, to life. I wanted my rig to look like a cute, cozy cottage; for it to be bursting with colour and life and to be truly reflect how I live. The front part of the rig, which encompasses the entrance, the kitchen, and what is now the library has come together just as I had hoped it would. This space is perfect and I cannot wait to start enjoying it!

First, the entrance stairwell. Before, it looked smashing… until it started to get water damage and serious abuse:

I used what I had on hand to make it more functional:

The back piece is a panel that I can pull out to access the water pump. It’s made of a piece of styrofoam, for extra insulation.

This is what the front part of the rig looked like at purchase:

dinette and lounge would become the library

and the kitchen:

And now:

(just need to recover the chair this spring!)
landing strip and entrance hook for purse and coat
one of several cabinets filled with books 🙂
more books; so it’s not silly to call this space the library! 🙂

painted cabinets with pulls

space tailor-made for the carpet cleaner

over fridge cabinet now has a pull (horizontal to match the original screw holes)

lovely and functional kitchen

loft is hidden

but still fits in when the curtains are open

Just as I was writing up this post, Donna came for a chat. She perched on the kitchen stool and I sacked out on the lounge chair and I rediscovered a more ‘normal’ way to live. 😀

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