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Apr 21, 2012 -

Dollar Tree Haul

I have to confess that I became addicted to Dollar Tree stores when I was in the US last year. I’m not one of those crazy people who buys random stuff just because it’s cheap, but they do have a lot of really good products that I actually need. In fact, I’m still going through my stash of waste bags that I bought expressly for emptying the litter box, buying enough so that I could scoop twice a day and have enough bags for a year. That investment was all of two or three dollars. 🙂

So when I saw a Dollar Tree by the Walmart in Minot, I ambled over after dinner to see if I could get the things on my list:

a) A new pair of nitrile-coated gardening gloves, which are awesome for hooking and unhooking the toad as they are warm, but water proof, and easy to slip on:

My last pair was pink and my current pair is green. Stock image because they are filthy. 🙂

b) A slightly bigger basket for the produce. I had bought a black one last year:

And think that this slightly bigger pink one fits in better with my decor (although it’s a bit too hot pink):

c) A tiny waste container for the dressing room into which I could put cotton swabs, band-aids, lysol wipes, etc. without having anything on the floor. This yellow bucket was perfect:

I also picked up a couple of food items, including honey graham crackers, that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, and a bath sponge. The cashier said to me, “Did you find everything you were looking for? And maybe some extras?” I don’t think that he believed me that everything but the honey-mustard chips were on the list! And as for the chips, I’m addicted to mustard, okay?

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Feb 12, 2012 -

Making Hay

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a week. It feels like today is last Monday. I went out Monday afternoon to get some electrical supplies for the rig, and came home to a pile of transcription that hasn’t let up. I still have another nine or ten hours of work to do today (and it’ already 2:30 PM). The last week has been typing, an attempt to sleep, typing, working my day job, typing, an attempt to sleep, typing, working my day job, typing… well, you get the picture.

During my sanity breaks, I’m making a list of what absolutely needs to be done in the rig before I move back in and how I can break that stuff down into short segment of times. I know I can’t rely on having whole days available to me in the next month, so I need to start using up those precious little hours between my day job and my evening work, at least when the weather is good. This weekend would have been too cold to work in the rig anyway.

On the list:


-add a 120V outlet and a 12V outlet  (all materials have been purchased)

-paint the non-matching woodwork in the study the same colour as the wardrobe doors and kitchen cabinets

-apply two more coats of green


-finish the trim

-remove the cloth dresser and replace it with a storage ottoman (probably not going to happen right now)


-do two more coats of yellow

-run an extension cord or wiring permanently from the inverter to the study

The electrical work is all top priority. This will be my first time facing boondocking with the need to have my full computer set up, with my kazillion peripherals, not just my laptop, so I need easy and secure access to my inverter.

That’s all I have time to post. Hopefully, I’ll have something interesting in the next couple of days. 🙂

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Jan 22, 2012 -

Vinyl Flooring Is Great

Remember how The Apartment’s tile floor broke my French press recently? These are not ceramic tiles but rather the kind I dub to be school tiles. I’m not sure what they are made of, but they are 12″x12″ and very thin.

Anyway, I was in Miranda today rearranging some things on the top shelf of the cabinet above the sink when I dropped this mug:

(this cabinet doesn't look like that anymore!)

I broke another mug this week while rummaging in the rig (hint: do not hit the handle of one mug with the handle of another), but this one would have annoyed me. It has a ceramic lid, so it keeps beverages hot longer and it’s also great for taking outside. Anyway, I caught the mug, but the lid hit the counter then jumped onto the floor where it bounced twice before landing safely. It made such an awful racket that I was certain it was a goner, but nope!

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