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Mar 10, 2011 -

Pure Sushi (Japanese Bistro and Sake Bar) Eugene, OR

I passed a bunch of sushi places today, so, having had a craving for sushi for about a month, I did some research about which one within walking distance would be the best. The winner was Pure on 5th Avenue.

This restaurant is located in a building with a number of other international restaurants. It overlooks a courtyard. The decor is interesting; the red feels very ‘Asian’, but the heavy wood and leather furniture felt German!

I was seated promptly and ordered a pot of fragrant jasmine tea. The menu is huge to the point of being overwhelming, so I decided to go with a ‘combination’ meal for $17.95. This got me:

-a hearty miso soup, one of the best I have ever had;

-a bowl of ‘black rice’, which is actually a pretty purple shade. Most of the negative comments about this restaurant refer to this rice, but I did not find anything wrong with it except, perhaps, that it doesn’t clump as well as sticky white. It has the texture of brown rice, but only a hit of its nutty flavour. The most descriptive thing I can say about it is yum!

-3 pieces veggie (green bean, broccoli, and yam) tempura;

-1 piece shrimp tempura;

-one piece of a big round fried thing that looked like a hash brown but was pasty like yams and sweet like shrimp;

-two pieces of small balls that were crispy on the outside and pasty on the inside that tasted vaguely like onion rings;

-three large pieces of tuna sashimi, as red and sweet as kisses;

-6 pieces California roll (striking with the ‘purple’ rice);

-a large chicken breast, sliced, grilled and basted in teriyaki sauce over cabbage

Talk about rolling out of there STUFFED!

There wasn’t a false note to the meal or the service. I was very impressed. Even if the food had just been ‘okay’, the meal would have been very good value. With it being as good and fresh as it was, it was excellent value. I highly recommend Pure!

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Mar 10, 2011 -

First Impressions of Eugene

My friend Joan came down to Eugene today to take me out for lunch (which ended up being brunch). We’d met briefly at the Seattle RV show. We talked about our current projects. She is at the stage I was at in late spring of ’08, on the cusp of major life changes and not sure exactly what shape they will take. How exciting!

After eating, she took me out around Eugene so I could get a feel for what there is around the area where I’m staying. I’m in a rather industrial and lower income neighbourhood. A lot of the homes are brightly coloured and buildings housing former businesses have been repurposed. Another thing I noticed is the large number of RVs permanently parked on the side of the road. I don’t have all the details about Eugene’s policy about RV parking, but it seems laxer than in other communities.

There are tons of restaurants, cafés, and art galleries within walking distance. If the weather is good tomorrow morning I will go for a long walk. I was going to do that this morning, but I’d been given the wrong gate key and was locked into the RV compound. Oops!

One of the places Joan took me that I would need to drive to is Trader Joes. I have heard so much about this chain of stores and now I can’t wait to go back there and get some groceries! Lovely products, and at very reasonable prices. I wanted one of every kind of cheese they had!

I’m really grateful to be able to park in this location for the week until my appointment. I’m just waiting for one more puzzle piece to fall into place before I’ll feel comfortable talking about that.

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Mar 9, 2011 -

Chehalis (WA) to Eugene (OR)

I awoke to pouring rain that offered no promise of letting up. I try hard not to drive in those conditions, but the forecast told me that I could be camped out at the Chehalis Walmart until the end of the world. So, I took off, slowly and cautiously because of not only the pounding rain but also the wind. The worst was when the big rigs would pass me; the draft was nearly enough to send me into the ditch. It was tiring work and I pulled into each rest area I passed for a ten minute breather.

Croft advised me to take the I-205 bypass around Portland, so I was spared at least some potential trouble today. The drive into Oregon was easy, weather notwithstanding, and the rain finally let up around Salem, capital of Oregon. I was about forty-five minutes from Eugene when five cars passed me, making motions that there was something wrong with the kayak. I pulled over soon as I could to tighten the straps and went back to the rig to find that I’d locked myself out. Fortunately, I learned something from the last time I did this and had a spare set in the toad!

I made it to my friends’ place around 2 and waited patiently with a book until it was possible for me to get settled in. I’ll be here until the 17th.

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