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Nov 17, 2009 -

A Long Short Day

My conundrum this morning was to wear a bandage over my wrist or not. I decided not because the cuts go most of the way around the wrist and would have required a full wrap, making me look as if I’d tried to kill myself over the weekend. Our uniform shirts have long sleeves, so I made a mental note to not push my sleeves up this week. Well, that plan failed. I just hate having long sleeves and before I knew it my sleeves were up and my wrist exposed. This prompted a hilarious quote from a customer and the reason for this paragraph. He said: “Next time, don’t struggle.” I asked him what he meant and he gave me this cheeky grin as he replied “I’ve gotten cuts like that from handcuffs.” So, great. Bare wrist and I look like I was in the slammer this weekend and wrapped wrist I look like I went to the shrink ward. Renos always come with a price! 😀

My 6AM to 10AM shift today flew by. One second it was 5:50 and I was pouring myself a first cup of coffee and the next my replacement had come in. This has thus far proven to be the busiest shift. It’s also my least favourite because I have a hard time being functional at that hour, no matter how much sleep I’ve had.

It was very weird to end my day at 10AM! I came home (with mustard and clam chowder!) and went to work on the *expletive deleted* wardrobe. The new counter and over fridge cabinet mean that I lost room for the baskets that held linens. I moved the baskets to the wardrobe, filling one with rolled up jeans and the other with rolled up sweaters (which worked out so brilliantly I think this is going to be a permanent solution!). I then needed to find room for the linens and got about halfway through that project. What a puzzle it is to get a home organized. At least, for the first time, I know what the final picture looks like (even if it’s a tad fuzzy) so now I only have to figure out what pieces I have, possibly in the wrong place, and what I need.

Last, but not least, this weekend’s wicked storm finally broke in the wee hours of the morning and I was able to watch a magnificent sunrise. A dark cloud rolled in shortly thereafter and we were back to rain, but, hey, five minutes of sunshine is more than I had some days last spring! 🙂

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Mar 9, 2009 -


Luxury is a relative term.

This concept is beautifully illustrated in one of my favourite books of all time, The Endless Steppe by Esther Hautzig. It is a memoir of the Siberian exile of a young Polish Jewish girl during WWII.

Ms. Hautzig wrote:

We were one of four lucky groups: Father found us living quarters in a corner of the room. In an utterly bare room, two walls to lean against, a corner to curl up into, were luxury.

I  was ten when I first read those words and they have followed me for twenty years, helping me appreciate what I have even while longing for more or better.

Tonight, I came home to find Tabitha in the study looking out the back window while Neelix was in the lounge looking out the window on the passenger side. Rather than disturb the cats by shutting the blinds, I was able to slide closed a solid wood door with a satisfying ‘thunk’, stretch out an accordion door, and change into jeans in a private room large enough to move about comfortably. I’ve discovered that in a less than 300 square foot RV, a dressing room is luxury.

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Jan 13, 2009 -

I Still Hate That Wardrobe, But…

I finally decided to go to my mother with my wardrobe woes. She designed my wonderful study and thinks nothing like me, so I figured that she was sure to come up with a solution for me. I was right. She said: “Can’t you raise the rod?”

There was no rod to speak of, just an annoying wire shelf with space underneath to hang clothes:


As you can see, the hangers had only narrow spaces to hang out and I couldn’t freely move the clothes. My picture of the other side didn’t turn out, but take my word for it when I say that the bottom of all my long skirts and coat were scrunched up.

Twenty minutes after replying that she was a genius, I was at the nearest Home Depot. In fact, I was at Home Depot before I even realised that I actually knew where the nearest Home Depot is as well as the shortest route to it, even though I haven’t been there yet. I must have subconsciously filed away this information!

Much cursing later (have you ever tried to install something while screwing with one hand and holding said something up with the other?):



Filling all those lovely plastic containers is going to be my next step. I’m going to pretty much transfer the contents of the Ikea boxes I had on the shelf into these stackable and easy to manipulate containers. I got a big box of 12 containers and I can fit in 10 on one side and 2 on the other, perfectly filling up all the space and freeing up the drawer underneath the wardrobe for jeans and sweaters.

It’s still not perfect and I still hate those sliding doors and I can’t wait for winter to be over so I can pull half the stuff out of the closet and put it back in storage, but it’s better!

Why have I been obsessing over the wardrobe? First of all, I’m about to start work again and I hate ironing, so I need to make my wardrobe as wrinkleproof as possible. Second, getting dressed is starting to be a repeat of the evening of September 2nd.

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