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Mar 6, 2011 -

How Quickly a Month Goes By…

I feel that I’ve only just gotten comfortable here in Blaine when the time has already come to move on! Friends in Eugene, Oregon, have graciously invited me to stay on their RV pad during my time in the area, so there’s no reason to hang out here. I’ll be in Eugene until at least the 18th since I’m having work done on the rig in nearby Springfield on the 17th.

I’ll pull out around 11 on Tuesday and head south slowly. I could get to Eugene in one day, but knowing there is an RV-friendly Walmart mid-way makes me want to stretch out the trip a tad.

I still don’t know what’s happening after. My first instinct is to hoof it back to Canada and get some work for a few months, but doing so in southern BC makes no sense at all; the cost of living would outweigh any income. So, I’ve planned a weather-dependent itinerary through eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana to take me into Alberta. The lower cost of fuel in the States and in Alberta as well as the lower sales tax at Alberta customs would not make this route much more expensive than a straight shot back to the Fraser Valley from Eugene.

I have absolutely no commitments at this point and have concluded, to my immense surprise, that I’d be okay with not going back to Yukon and Alaska this summer if something else pans out. In short, I’m open to the vagaries of fate and willing to go anywhere they take me. I love my life!

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Mar 2, 2011 -


Nothing much to report at my end. The week or so of cold weather we had was conducive to finally getting some real downtime at home and my days have pretty much been filled with cat cuddles, movies, and embroidery.

Without going into too much detail, a large payment from a client is very long over due so I’m having some cash flow issues. Resolution is in sight, but I don’t expect to get much more done here in Blaine except for perhaps a day trip.

It feels like I just got here, but incredibly enough, I’ll be pulling out mid-day on Tuesday! And I’m heading south, into Oregon! And it will be in Oregon that my RVing life will change forever. Da da da dum.

(I won’t be offended by the eye rolls that result from that last bit. 😀 )

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Feb 23, 2011 -

Winter’s Final Roar

We’ve entered a deep freeze that should last only a couple of days, and then we’re going to start climbing back into spring-like conditions.

I ran out of propane this morning. I was shocked since I’d filled the on board tank when I left Osoyoos on January 31st! I’m betting the culprit is the fridge, which was on LP mode for nearly a week.

Thankfully, I’d noticed a propane refill centre at a nearby Texaco, so I knew where to go to fill up. There, I learned that 30lbs is 7.1.25 gallons. I forget what the litre amount is.

Both propane and gas are much more expensive than I would have expected, but less than in Canada. The 30lb tank cost me $23 to fill here. In Osoyoos, it was $27 in town, but $20 at the RV park. So, it’s less here for Joe Public, but more than what I was paying. Gas is about $3.50 a gallon, so a fill is $35, about $10 less than what I was paying in Canada. Last time I filled up in Washington, a tank cost me $25.

None of this pricing irks me since last night I discovered that a meal’s worth of fresh shrimp costs 50 cents here. So long as shrimp is the cheapest protein I can buy, I will feel very rich! 😀

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