Travels With Miranda is now accepting sponsorships.

The easiest way is with a PayPal payment by clicking the button below. Please let me know if you are sponsoring publicly or anonymously. Public sponsorship will receive advertising on this blog, a future website I am developing, and in future ebooks as well as new editions of existing ebooks. So please let me know how you wish to be credited and what link you would like me to promote, if any. Thank you!

As of April 28th, 2013, this blog has received support from a number of sponsors, but only these have explicitly been public about it. If you have helped out and want to be listed, please do not be shy about letting me know! I can promote your blog, personal website, the business website of someone you know, or whatever.

Because We Can

Life On Our Ark

The Sand Castle

Adventures of Dorrie Anne

-Moser Engineering

-Ms. Cinnamon

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