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Summer Supply Run

I have been long overdue for a supply run because I am finding it increasingly difficult to stock my pantry in Assiniboia. Moreover, I found something on Kijiji that I really wanted, so a trip to Regina ASAP was in order to pick it up. Therefore, I burned the midnight oil all week to get today off.

Lately, I’ve been getting to sleep around midnight and getting up at six. So you can imagine my shock this morning when I woke up and the clock said it was 9:30!!! I was expected in Regina between one and two and wanted to have lunch in Moose Jaw, so I was out of bed as though someone had lit firecrackers under the sheets!

To my dismay, it was pouring rain out and I had stuff to unload from the back of my truck, a chore I had put off all week since I was so busy typing and I’d have the whole of this morning off…

I still managed to get to Assiniboia by 10:15ish and stopped at the bakery for the first time to try their coffee. It turned out to be very expensive dishwater, so I’ll stick to the gas station for coffee emergencies from now on as theirs is tasty.

The drive to Moose Jaw was uneventful until a few klicks from the city where there was construction and we had to detour. This brought me to the wrong end of town to have sushi, but the right end to push on to Regina. I knew that I wasn’t going anywhere near the Regina sushi restaurant, that it’s very expensive, and that there’s no parking, so I decided to stick to my plan and have my sushi lunch in Moose Jaw even if it meant a couple extra crossings of town.

On the way to the restaurant, I stopped in at the Town & Country Mall, where I had my nose pierced in April. I had been told to come back around this date to have the piercing tightened, so I thought I could make an appointment for after lunch or even after Regina. But my piercer was free, so she took me right away. Was I glad to get that done! My nose healed super fast and the loose piercing has been driving me batty!

Lunch at DK Sushi was yummy, as always. The all you can eat is still good value for me, but just barely, as I get less and less each time I go. I added up what I got today and came in at about $20 if I bought à la carte, versus $17 with the all you can eat, plus you get really good chocolate ice cream with that option. 🙂 I asked for a half portion since I wasn’t able to finish a whole one last time (too rich and sweet for my new taste buds).

From lunch, I immediately headed out to Regina since my ETA was now about 1:45. Thankfully, the seller was very conveniently located near the highway and just a few blocks from Cabela’s, which was having a sale I didn’t want to miss.

The items I was picking up were a Japanese-style washer/spin dryer combo and a compact 120V dryer. I’ll do posts about those once I get them out of my truck. I couldn’t talk the seller down from $300 for the set, but I knew that was a crazy good deal, so I paid up. They are the perfect compromise between my current laundry setup (Wonder Wash and a spin dryer that really needs to be returned to its rightful owner) and full size units that would need water hookups and a 220V outlet.

These my appliances (seller photos):

Next stop was Walmart, which was conveniently located next to both a Bulk Barn and Cabela’s. I stocked up on dry goods and then went to the Bulk Barn stock up on nuts. I’m afraid to admit how much I spent on nuts because I went a little well, nuts. 😀

Cabela’s was having a sale on Keen footwear, so I picked up a good pair of sandals with covered toes for the summer (if we ever get one…). I bought a model that is good for light hiking as well as wet activities. It’s been a very, very long time since I shelled out the bucks for high quality sandals and I hope these last me! I also picked up an outback-style hat for the wagon train because I was told that I can’t show up this year without a proper horse wrangler hat and cowboy boots. I’m all set! 🙂 It was raining again by the time I got out of the store, so I wore my new hat, which offered good protection against the rain.

Next on my list was Canadian Tire or Home Depot. Neither was convenient in Regina, so I headed back to Moose Jaw to its Canadian Tire. There, I got a really good deal on an electric lawn mower.

I was going to buy a reel (manual) mower, but this electric mower was much cheaper. I didn’t want a gas mower because I didn’t want to have to deal with maintaining another engine.

To my surprise, a very nice stock clerk took the mower to the till for me, waited for me to pay, pushed it to my truck, and helped me figure out how to load it in when the appliances weren’t leaving much room. I was impressed since it’s normally impossible to get service at Canadian Tire!

I also picked up weed whacker, but failed at getting a ladder and tree limb lopper, so I’ll get those in Assiniboia next week.

My following stop was M&M Meatshop to stock up on chicken breasts. I wish I had had room in the truck to pick up a small deep freeze since the chicken breasts were on sale. I took a chance on four packages fitting in the freezer, what with everything else I had in there already. Spoiler: I ran out of room and decided to pull out the ground chicken to make chicken burgers tomorrow. 🙂

Then, it was time to get groceries. I was pretty beat when I got to the checkout, but I had bought enough to get 10 cents off a litre, so I decided to get fuel before heading home. To my delight, there’s a ‘we serve’ pump at the Safeway gas bar, so I didn’t have to do it myself and my fuel was ‘just’ $1.19.

BTW, fuel was $1.39 in Regina and $1.29 in Moose Jaw and Assiniboia/Willow Bunch today. I’m always surprised that I’m not paying a ‘rural location surcharge’ for my gas out here!

It was close to seven by the time I headed home and I was getting the hunger shakes, so I decided to stop for a meal instead of just snacking on the way home. There was a Boston Pizza right at my last turn before leaving the city and I love their pulled pork sandwich, so it was an easy decision. I had it with a salad rather than fries and I only ate half the bun, so the meal felt quite reasonable and didn’t put me to sleep on the drive home!

It was still raining when I came in, so I just unloaded the food. I now need to get to bed because I have a big typing weekend ahead of me. I wasn’t supposed to have much work so I could clean the yard, but it’s going to rain both days so I might as well type.

My new client is working out wonderfully, already relying on me for difficult, special, and/or rush cases and is very effuse in expressing her delight at having me on board. I enjoy the work, even if it is emotionally draining at times. And do I have to say that the pay is a big motivator to take on extra work. I have zero complaints at that end! 🙂

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  • Wow! That trip must have lightened the bank account! It is nice to get the chance every once in a while to go get everything done that needs doing though and you probably saved a ton over buying those things close to home. You grainary will soon be full!

  • Gah! I hate dishwater coffee! Yuck. Glad you got your washer and dryer, it will make things easier on laundry day for sure. I was going to ask you how do you deal with hearing about such horrible crimes all the time? It has to be tough to listen to.

    Rae has a new book coming out…The transcriptionist murder solver!
    Bad title..You may want to work on it. lol

  • wow! you tired me out just reading your buying trip yesterday,

  • Croft, yes, it did make a dent, but a temporary one… Things have really changed. 🙂 City prices aren’t actually that much better. I just do this to have better selection and to get things that I can’t find here.

    Gina, I don’t get why people make weak coffee. What’s the point?! As for transcription (you’re a hoot, btw, with the book idea), I’ve always been good at detaching myself emotionally. It’s like when I was a medical first responder. Some people are cut out for this kind of work, others aren’t.

    P.J., I’m exhausted. 🙂

  • Dear lord, I got tired just reding about your trip! Sounds like a very productive day and I am sure you will enjoy everything you bought.

  • Caroline, it was exhausting! Five hoursish of highway driving time on top of the city driving. The lady who sold me the washer said she had never seen anyone so excited about laundry before. LOL

  • Good to have it all done but sure tiring to do.

    We used to have an electric mower and I loved it. It’s kind of like having a vacuum, though, in that you have to be careful not to mow over the cord. 🙂

  • My mother used one of those spin washer machines for nearly 40 years. She never did have a drier although father hung the clothes on the line for her. She really liked her machine.

    Mother also had an electric mower with a long power cord which my husband and I used when there and I have got to admit the cord is a bit of a drag. You just have to have a system to keep the cord out of the way.

    Good luck with your new appliances…

  • After you have run over the cord twice you will be good at using the mower. 😉

    We had one of those type of washers in Nanaimo when Brooks was a baby. Norma did a wash every day and it worked fine. As I recall it had only one chamber, no separate spin dryer.

  • Projecting again, aren’t we, Croft? So how many times have you run over the cord? 😉 And Linda, don’t you start on that, too! 😉

    Norma, having someone to hang the clothes for me would be awesome! 😀

  • I started carrying a roll of electricians tape with me when I mowed. It’s one of the reasons Norma has a lawn boy. Not a Lawn Boy brand mower, he is about 25 and his name is Beau.

  • 😀 I’ve met Beau and was impressed by what a hard worker he is!

  • It’s awesome that you’re getting regular, good work now. I’m really happy for you! I’d be happier if you lived somewhere with good weather but hey we can’t have everything, I guess.

  • On second thought I’m not sure if the ideal climate exists anywhere. It’s not that bad where you are, relatively speaking.

  • The weather is SUPPOSED to be good here! My only consolation is if the weather isn’t good here, it’s TERRIBLE just about everywhere else. 😀

  • In reply to your second comment, Athena, I’m convinced that the planet is moving into a period of erratic, extreme weather. It’s not necessarily the apocalypse, could just be something cyclical not yet recorded in history, but the weather is getting more and more erratic. I am in a good place, safe from major fault lines, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.

  • I think you’re right. My boyfriend and I were just talking today about how we feel we are in a relatively safe area. Well, he lives in Hamilton but used to live in BC.

  • I’m convinced that BC is doomed. 😀

    New boyfriend?! 😉

  • It’s been almost 4 months and he is the best guy yet! My friend’s little brother who I didn’t meet till last year. We resonate very strongly with one another; even when I first met his sister, years ago, I felt I had known her before. It’s really good.

  • I am so happy for you!!!

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