Stuff Is Just Stuff

I’m working on tidying up the rig this morning and keep finding little shards of china and glass in the far flung corners of the rig.

Every single cup, bowl, and saucer in the cabinet over the fridge came out of the cabinet and broke when I was rear ended:

There might not seem to be much in that box, but almost everything broke into pieces so small as to be unrecognizable from what they were.

This china was collected over almost 10 years of travel. I have never broken a piece as a direct result of RV travel. Heck, it flew cross-country and arrived unscathed. I couldn’t even begin to value this collection but I know that ‘several hundred dollars” is not an exaggeration. But, truly, it was priceless and utterly irreplaceable.

You’d think I’d be pissed off right? Well, it’s just dishes. I cannot believe that I am at this point in my life, where stuff really is just stuff, and my reaction was “What a mess, I’m going to step in broken glass for weeks, and one less think to declutter down the road!”

I’m going to find out the price of a nice Corelle set and will be claiming that amount on my insurance.

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  • Good for you! After the 1989 Earthquake I looked around and realized there was not a single glass in the house that had not broken! I was bummed at first, but replaced many of the once a year serving dishes at a local thrift store.

    Stuff is just stuff! If you go to a thrift store you get a realistic idea of what someone elses stuff is worth.

    Unless of course it IS a priceless antique.

    Corelle is good…

  • Good attitude to have but claim what the dishes are worth, not the corelle. Your loss is what they are worth before those dishes were broken. What you choose to replace it with is immaterial to the loss and the responsibility to reimburse you.

    Don’t just look at Walmart’s corelle – they have quite a few patterns now and you should be able to get something you will enjoy looking at every day. I found this out at a Corelle outlet store.

  • There is no way I’m going to get the value of those dishes because I have no proof of it.

  • I’ve heard stories from a number of RVers over the years about what happened when Corelle brand glass dishware was dropped or slammed: it shattered, and not just like regular glass. Corelle shatters into “millions of tiny, razor-sharp shards,” to quote just one friend who had this happen. It’s nearly impossible to vacuum them all up, so you end up dealing with cut feet for months.

    For that reason I won’t buy Corelle, or any breakable dishware. One alternative to consider: Melamine. I’ve been eating from Melamine dishware for the past ten years, and am still using my original set, which literally looks brand new. Melamine is light, completely unbreakable… and contrary to what some people say, does just fine in the microwave, as long as you don’t heat it for more than two minutes or so. I’m very happy with it. I got mine at Target, but it’s widely available.

  • I’ve never broken anything as a result of RV travel until now and started off with Corelle, then china and glass. RV travel isn’t as damaging as people think it is. I will consider melamine if I can find it since you’re right about what happens to broken Corelle. It’s worse than china when it breaks and while I doubt I’ll have another accident like this again, I don’t want to tempt fate!

  • […] need to replace something when the original breaks or stops functioning. I thought of replacing the dishes that were broken in the accident, but decided to first live without them for a while. Guess what? I don’t miss […]

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