Still in Dallas

I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I thought I’d be on my way to Kansas by now! My host is in absolutely no hurry to get rid of me (thank you!) and the weather up north is so iffy. I might as well hang out a few more days. I have to say that I really like Dallas. It just feels like a more accessible city driving-wise than did San Antonio. Then again, I’m not doing any driving here. 🙂

Today is an at home day working on projects. Ms. Cinnamon has a tentative field trip planned for tomorrow.

I had to call the bank holding my RV mortgage to make some changes to my account. In the past, such changes have had to be made in person at a branch, but then they started to accept signed faxes. Today, they accepted a scanned document sent by email! It’s so nice to see business practices finally moving into the 21st century. I had tried the fax route using a free ‘fax from your computer’ service and the bank got the fax, but not the signature for some weird reason. I was able to use my wonderful printer to not only scan the signed document, but also email it.

For some reason, the address change I made last year didn’t stick, so they still had me living in Dawson City. The lady was delightfully confused about my Alberta mailing address and North Dakota telephone number. Ah, the life of a wandering nomad!

I checked the balance on the loan and it is more than half paid, which makes sense since I’m at about the halfway mark in payments. It’s really exciting to finally be on the right side of the loan. If a worst case scenario happened, I’d now be able to get out of this loan and have enough left over for a decent down payment on another used rig. Not that I would want this to happen!!!!!

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  • So Rae, if/when you replace your current RC and another RC was not available for a replacement, what brand and model would you go with? I’d be interested in your views….thanks


  • Mike, the only way I see myself replacing Miranda is if she were to be totaled. If that was the case and I was still at a point where I want to keep RVing, it would be with a very small lightweight trailer that I could tow behind my truck. If the truck died in the same accident, then it would be a class B.

    However, if money were absolutely no object, I would go with a super C toyhauler motorhome and a dinky car to carry in it, or a heavier truck and a small 5er.

  • Thanks – interesting choices/options. We are probably on our last one -we have a used 2004 Triple E and it only has 30,000 km on it. Looking fwd to full timing it in a couple of years time. We want to do the “great North American road trip – 6 in Canada and 6 down south. If we accomplish that, we agree that we will switch some of our focus to foreign, non-RV travel such as Europe and numerous other places. For now, we are following sites such as yours, Andy Bairds and a few others – definitely benefiting fm your collective wisdom and experiences. Safe travels….

  • The answer to that question keeps changing. One this is for certain, if I were to meet someone with whom to share this crazy life of mine, I would push for a truck and 5er.

    We have a similar plan. North American is starting to feel quite small. I’m ready to see the world.

    Safe travels!

  • So glad you are able to take your time and hanging. Seems last time I checked in were heading home…now reading your in Dallas. You go girl….gheez you travel like a Hilton! Your one of my favs!

  • Heading to Canada, not home. 🙂 And I still am. I’m just taking my sweet time about it! 🙂

    Travel like a Hilton?! LOL You’ll need to clarify that. 🙂

    Thank you, you’re very sweet!

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