Sticker Shock

Today was my first time since leaving southern BC that I got real honest to goodness sticker shock. I thought I had some when I found out that kitty litter sells for a dollar a pound up here, but this was worse!

I ran out of propane on my onboard tank and, suspecting that propane would be ‘pricy’ up here, I decided to live off my 30 pounder until I get back to Whitehorse. I therefore had the 30 pounder filled today and the bill came to… thirty-six dollars.

All winter in Surrey, I filled that tank for twenty dollars. My onboard tank was last filled for thirty-seven dollars in Coquitlam!


I’m just grateful that I was able to go three full months with my onboard tank and an additional couple of weeks with the dregs of the 30 pounder, so I know that that I’m in no dire straits to fill up the onboard tank and that the auxiliary tank will get me back to civilization!

(not that Dawson isn’t civilization, of course… 😀 )

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