Apr 19, 2014 - Personal    5 Comments

Solar Phone Charger

I love bargain hunting at the Willow Bunch Thrift Store, located just 10 minutes from Haven. 90% of my current wardrobe comes from there and I’m always finding little things for the rig or the property that are also a bargain.

In the electronics room today, I found a curious object:

I was fairly certain I was looking at a solar cell phone and small USB-powered device charger, but had no way of confirming my theory. So I gave the thrift store the grand sum of 50 cents for the device so I could try it out at home with my iPhone.

Well, I was right!!! I plugged the iPhone in, turned on the device, and I was rewarded with the ding that tells me the phone is charging! Wow!


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  • Wow, indeed! I wonder if the tourism bureau still has any of these? Think I’ll Google that.

  • I don’t know if they were giving them away or selling them, but it’s a neat device! A little heavy to tote around all the time in the purse, but I’ll be glad to have it on my next road trip!

  • Very handy device.

  • Nice find!

  • A bargain, indeed.

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