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Soggy Alabama Night

I had thought to stay three nights here in Atmore, but I’m looking at nothing but grey sky for the foreseeable future with batteries at the low 80%. Since my next stop is just 3 hours away and has power, it just makes more sense to push on to New Orleans and drop anchor for a bit. I’ll likely be there a week, maybe a little longer, waiting for the DC charger for my laptop to arrive. I’m starting to doubt that I’ll be able to stay as long as I would have liked at my planned stop in Texas, what with the weather there being chilly, but I’ll make that decision when it’s time.

I went into the casino to grab dinner at the buffet. This being the South, most of the seafood offerings were deep fried, but the overall spread was nothing to sneeze at, featuring everything from sushi to pizza to Chinese food to steak and ham to a dizzying array of salads and desserts. Croft would have been in catfish heaven and I have to say this was probably the best fried catfish I have ever had!

I finished the night by putting some money in the slot machines, all of which I’m only saying to make it a matter of public record that I tried to pay these folks for their warm hospitality these last two nights. It’s not my fault they decided to pay me $150 for my efforts, is it?

So having formally been to Florida and added Alabama to my list of visited states, tomorrow I shall add Mississippi and Louisiana. That’ll leave me 10. And by the time I return to Canada, I could easily knock of another five. Add nine Canadian provinces and two Canadian territories and I think I can consider this continent seized, no?

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  • Rae,

    You are having too much fun (although it is well deserved), I may have to crack another bottle of Champagne to celebrate for you!

  • Winning at the casino is considered fair. It never happens to me, though. 🙂

  • Gary, don’t tempt me. I drank that whole huge bottle of champagne by myself in something like three days! 😀

    Linda, I tend to break even or win small amounts (like I did in Florence, OR, and Dawson City), but tonight was in the three figures!

  • $150! Nice!

  • You can only consider it (North American continent) seized if you drop into Mexico 🙂

  • Ray – you’re living the dream! Since it’s Friday and I’m still a working stiff, I’m cracking a few pints of Guiness to celebrate your trip vicariously!!!

  • Croft, it was a $206 win, but I had put almost $50 into the slot machines and another $16 into the buffet, so that makes a $150 profit! 😀

    Lucie, in terms of landmass, I have seen the bulk of the continent even if I never set foot in Mexico again, but I agree! Maybe next year?

    Mike, yum! Enjoy!

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