So… The Battery Monitor

This afternoon, I took my battery bank apart piece by piece and made sure all my lugs were securely attached and that all nuts were tight. I then triple checked all the connections with the multimeter and got readings of 13 volts and change. I then checked all the fuses and they were fine.

I didn’t feel that I really did anything and I decided to just give up already and call Xantrex and see if they had any ideas about what could be wrong with the battery monitor.

I came in, turned the solar control monitor back on, then I turned to the battery monitor and in my best Samantha Carter voice, I screamed, “WHY WON’T YOU WORK?!”

At which point I noticed this:


I fixed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I doubt it will be super useful in my first week or so off the grid while I figure out how exactly it works and get it calibrated, etc., but this is worthy of a victory dance!

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  • Dancing for you. Don’t watch. 🙂

  • LOL!!!

  • So it was a loose connection that did not feel loose. Or, it required a hard reset by disconnecting and then re-connecting it…. Anyway, the important thing is… It is working!!!!

    I hate it when things repair themselves. I want the satisfaction of finding the problem, even if it was my fault.

    Anyway, congratulations!

  • Well, you did half the work! I didn’t know how to check the fuses until you explained it to me. I could have done all that for naught had I not known to replace the fuses.

    The manual said to check for loose connections and if all else fails, to do a hard reboot. Whatever works!

    Now that I have essentially on my own installed a whole house inverter, battery monitor, new batteries, and a battery waterer, I am starting to think that adding a solar panel on my own couldn’t be that hard, could it? 😀

  • Awesome. Nice to see when a plan comes together, even if the plan was kind of obscure.

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