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Siren’s Call

Monday, a really loud siren sounded midday. It was so shrill that when I went to check on Neelix, he was lying flat on the bed with his paws over his ears!

L told me that this was a scheduled test of the tornado sirens. And then he gave me instructions in case I ever heard said siren at any time other than midday Monday!

His description was a lot more detailed, but it boiled down to grab Neelix and a blanket, head a for a ditch, cover my head, and ride it out.

We’ve talked a lot about tornadoes and he’s really put them into perspective for me as to the odds of getting caught in one, their size, the damage the average one does, etc. It’s one weather phenomena that really fascinates me, but which I never want to experience!

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  • Our siren test is 1:00 pm on the first Wednesday of the month. Just wanted you to know it is not the same in all places.

  • Hope you never have to be in a tornado. They are scary as hell. I’ve lived in Tornado alley in OK and also in MO where they have lots of them. Also had one in Kansas when I was a kid in Clay Center.

  • You have tornado sirens in Minnesota? I learn something knew every day!

  • Mom, tornadoes seem sentient to me since they always go for the trailer parks. *scared*

  • There’s a summary of how to deal with tornados (from an RVing standpoint) in Eureka:


  • When I was 6 and 7 we lived in Hutchinson, Kansas years. We spent a lot of time in the basement one stormy season with me looking out the window hoping to see a tornado. A tornado hit the State Fairgrounds and damaged the Grandstand just blocks from our house while we were visiting the grandparents in MO. Boy was I upset I missed it! I was just a dumb kid. Now, having seen first hand what a tornado can do in just seconds I think you are right to have concerns.

  • Caroline, that sounds so scary! Thanks for sharing that story!

  • Thanks, Andy. Wow, talk about a CLOSE call!

  • I had relatives that lived in North Texas and Oklahoma on farms. Just about every one in the country had storm shelters that were mostly in the ground with tin doors. They stored canned food in there because it was always cool. As kids we would use the door as slides but I was afraid to go in one because there were spiders in there.

    I have been in several bad storms on the road in my motorhome. I have often wondered what it would take for me to get out of a dry vehicle and lay down in a wet ditch.

  • Martha, I’ve wondered the same thing!

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