Settling In

I’m going to have to start to compose posts that I can just cut and paste into Blogger during my stolen moments of online time!

More about the last few days will follow, but I will say that I’m settling in nicely, learning A LOT, eager to get on the road, already nervous about how the winter is going to be, and collecting lots of amusing anecdotes.

Topics to look forward to:

  • Rae learns a very important lesson about towing.
  • Rae discovers that backing up perfectly (in one try) into a campsite is actually not the most important consideration at that time.
  • Rae finds something that no longer makes it necessary for her to run an extension cord from her electrical post to the coffee maker set on a picnic table.
  • Rae has a real lightbulb moment involving a too highly chlorinated fresh water holding tank.

And more!

Stay tuned! 🙂

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  • We can hardy wait for the details! You will do fine Rae. You have the right attitude and are lucky enough to have been “Adopted” by the “old Farts” on the Escapees Forum.

  • I love how every day is an adventure now.

    I’d forgotten what it’s like to wake up rarin’ to go and excited to see what wonderful things I will experience that day.

  • Well, it’s come down to this: For the third day in a row, Lee has scrolled down to check for new subjects on Miranda’s site before checking for her own email updates! What next? Now, I’m looking forward to the posts behind those teasers you put up today, Rae!

    Croft…. what’s this about ‘old farts’? You’re a good ten or so younger than me, and I’m not claiming OLD yet, so you better not be, either!!

    Keep ’em coming’, Rae… cyberspace is thick with suspense!!


  • Sorry Lee, I should have known you were watching…

    BTW Rae, when you graduate to “Mexico”, stop in Mazatlan and visit Lee! She is a great person and a kindred spirit. Her help and advice went a LONG way to making our first trip there a very pleasant experience.

  • LOL You two are a hoot!

    I will try to get some stuff posted this evening when I get online at the laundromat. 🙂

    As for Mexico, I definitely plan to get down there in the nearish future just to confirm that it’s a place to which I will want to semi-retire!

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