Securing RV Furniture

I’ve been doing some research to gather my options for how I’m going to secure my new furniture, especially the rocker I don’t have yet but am actively shopping for. I also have the stool to worry about, but I think that I’ll start by just laying it flat on the ground. I really want to avoid bolting my new rocker/recliner to the floor and like the idea of using eyebolts and bungee cords as found in the article How to Keep Loose RV Furniture From Flying When You Hit the Brakes.

This article also includes a video about removing the dinette, which confirms to me that I did the right thing by building up and around the dinette bench containing several systems. I don’t agree with the part in the video where the guy says to avoid furniture on wheels in an RV. I can’t imagine having a non-rolling computer chair! The trick is to simply turn the chair onto its side and lay it on the ground. Even when I’ve had to hit the brakes, the chair has never gone far.

I’ve been scoping out Craigslist for the rocker/recliner model that I want. While I’ve seen many in my price range, they were either gone by the time I emailed or covered in the wrong material (I want vinyl or leather vs. microfiber or suede). I’m looking for something like this:

I found one for the very tempting price of $20, but it was covered in microfiber and didn’t have the footstool while one that was $75 and had the right fabric and colour as well as the footstool was snapped up immediately. I’ve seen many more! Craigslist isn’t used that much in the Comox Valley so seeing such an abundance of them for under $100 (including the footstool) tells me that I should check the ads for Vancouver when I head back to the mainland. It’s not a huge priority, but I would love to once again have a comfy reading, cross-stitching, and knitting chair, especially in a separate room from the computer!

This is probably where I should point out that I am pretty much allergic to buying new furniture. I make the odd exception for cheap assemble-it-yourself stuff but when it comes to things like sofas, chairs, and nice cabinets, I prefer to get something used. I have a lot of reasons for this and money isn’t really the first consideration. I like things that are slightly broken in since I have cats. I also find that there is more variety in the used market than there is in the new since I’m not fighting trends. And, yes, the costs are usually a lot better.

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  • I really like that chair and ottoman. Hope you find one to suit you.

  • funny. We pulled out the couch, and 2 reclining swivel rockers and replace with 2 non rocking recliners with ottoman similar to your preference. One we got from Ken’s stored furniture, but the other we picked up on the ridge here fore $50 US. It is black vinyl and has a couple hard to find wear spots, but get this, it has a heated massager in it. Cool.

  • I think that this style of rocker is popular with the RV rock. At the very least, it’s very ‘in’ right now.

    I love the idea of a heater massager…

  • […] exactly what I was looking for! The chair is of high quality–solid metal joints and covered with genuine leather, but the […]

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