Seawalk-ing, Redux

The popular Campbell River tourist attraction that will the subject of my next post is about three kilometres from home, of which about two follow the Seawalk. While it was a bit nippy out, hovering between 0 and +1 with the odd flurry, there was no threat of rain, so I decided this was the perfect afternoon for a six kilometre stroll that would allow me to photograph some of the things that I’ve only glanced at while zipping by in a car.

Post edited to add onto Donna’s comment about the parrot tree. It is an arbutus tree (Arbutus menziesii), Canada’s only broad-leaf evergreen. It is also known as the ‘strawberry tree’ and ‘Pacific Madrone.’ Thanks for the heads up, Donna!

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  • You probably know already, but in case you don’t, or your readers are curious, the Parrot Tree is actually called an arbutus tree, and although it is a deciduous tree – the type that by category, looses its leaves in winter, the leaves do stay, but the bark sheds.

    Great pictures!!

  • I didn’t know, Donna. Thank you! What a cool tree!

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