Sawtooth Mountains to Watson Lake (!)

The rig was cozy this morning, belying how bloody cold it was outside. The day promised to warm up, though, and the sun was shining brightly. I refused to be rushed, enjoying a leisurely breakfast and reading for a couple of hours with Tabitha happily curled up on my lap.

When I did hit the road, finally, it was with excitement at the treat that waited for me an hour or so down the road, a soak in the hot springs!

As I did that final mountainous stretch, with grades reaching 9% and curves hugging Muncho Lake nearing ninety degrees I realised with a shock that somewhere between Hope and Summit Lake I went from being a novice full-timer wannabe to a seasoned RVer. I could do longer and more difficult stretches now because I was comfortable at the wheel of my rig and confident in my abilities. Even the boondocking thing has improved over last year as I’ve learned how to manage my batteries.

With this realisation came the fact that I am out of that grey zone where I was no longer housebound but not yet firmly rooted to my  nomadic existence.  I belong to the road now and my destiny is in the wind at my back. Second star to the right and straight on till morning, and all that.

Liard Hot Springs hasn’t opened for the summer season yet, so admission was free! I had a leisurely soak in Beta Pool and was just about to float off into a nap when a fish thought it would be funny to come tickle my armpit! I didn’t even know there are fish in the hot springs! Needless to say, my torpor was broken and I decided it was time to head out. The fish’s timing was pretty good since a couple approached Beta Pool just as I headed out.

It was an easy drive to Watson Lake after with very few grades or curves. I drove down the main drag until I saw a spot in front of the defunct Chinese restaurant where I felt I could stop for a couple of hours if I could get online, which I obviously am. 🙂 I’ll be pulling out shortly, will get gas, and then will complete the final schlep to Nugget City for the night.

Most of the following pictures are of buffalo, my obsession with which I discussed in depth last year. 🙂

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  • Wow, you are definitely moving along! It is good to see you on the road again. Enjoy the journey 😉

  • Hey Rae!

    I stumbled upon your blog this morning while I was researching tips on 5th Wheel Renovations… My husband and I live in Vernon, BC… we are also in business for ourselves and are planning a cross Canada road trip next summer – during which we’re going to attempt to work/see the country. As our business is internet based we need to have access to the net and what not – I was glad to see that you included some info on what you use – nice to know first hand how the Telus key actually works. We lived in Fort St. John for 5 years (if you make it back through there I suggest stopping in for lunch at The Uptown Grill – excellent family run restaurant and the food is excellent!) and I have to agree that the drive to Fort Nelson is amazing – we don’t miss the Pine Pass though, my husband had a very close call on that highway one winter. I’m going to read your blog in more detail over the coming months… if you have any suggestions as to places to stay/see, I’d love to hear them!

    Vernon is a very odd place but it’s nice to know that there are like-minded traveller’s on the road out there.

    Safe Travels!

  • Hi Erin!

    The Internet key is awesome; I have coverage anywhere there’s cell service and it’s reasonably fast. I’ve heard nightmares about the Pine Pass, but it was easy both times I crossed it. Speaking of restaurants, I had some amazing sushi in Vernon in 2008, at a place called Sushi One. Yum! thanks for commenting!

  • It’s been an awesome trip!

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