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Saturday Evening Ice Cream Stroll

For some unfathomable reason, last fall I was able again, after about three years of not being able, to eat ice cream. Since then, I’ve been making up for lost time, but keeping moderation in mind. 🙂 I really enjoy going out for an ice cream and a stroll on a sunny evening, especially at the end of a work week. So, when I saw the manager come in with an ice cream this afternoon (after leaving me all alone in the office!), I asked her where she got it.

Turns out that Dawson City has a proper ice cream parlour. Whitehorse doesn’t have one!!!

This store is called Klondyke Cream & Candy. It’s located on Front Street.

I’m told that the cost of living in Dawson City is about 15% higher than in Whitehorse, but I have yet to see that in luxury items like restaurant food and booze at bars. Even so, I was surprised to discover that a one scoop regular cone of ice cream here is just 2.50$. Two scoops are 3.50$. Add a dollar for a waffle cone. The selection of flavours was impressive (they even had an excellent copy of my favourite Baskin Robbins flavour) and they have soft ice cream, frozen yoghurt, milkshakes, etc.

It’s going to be so nice to bike into town one or two nights a week, get a treat that won’t even nudge the budget, and partake in dairy goodness as I walk along the Yukon River enjoying the late day sun, which, really, isn’t all that different from the routine I formed when I was in South Surrey. Just substitute ‘Pacific Ocean’ for ‘Yukon River.’ 😀

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  • It’s because you are not stressed anymore. It was the same for me when I got to NS. They have a local dairy that makes Heavenly Hash ice cream. It’s just like the one from Quebon when I was young. Enjoy!

  • I’m still stressed, but I guess it’s good stress… 🙂

    Ice cream tastes SO MUCH better now!

    Heavenly hash used to a family favourite when my dad’s girlfriend was alive and we were a family of six. We went through so much of it!

    My favourite flavour is still good old cookies & cream, but I also like fudgy stuff with brownie pieces in it. Last night, that’s what I had (triple chocolate brownie) with a scoop of espresso crunch. Mmmmm. 🙂

  • How did you discover you could eat ice cream again? Every time I try to eat it, I get awful ill.

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