SamaN Wood Fillers and Stains

This weekend, my mother and I are finishing up the wonderful new dresser for the dressing room. Today, I learned how to make a Shaker-style door, was initiated to brou de noix (a natural stain made from walnut shells), and I am left in charge of waxing. Tomorrow, we will hang the door and do the little finishing touches so I can do a reveal!

This project is also one of several to use SamaN brand fillers and stains. They are a Quebec-based company, but there is a US site, so the products may be available elsewhere in Canada.

The wood filler is latex-based so it will not shrink or crack, it is sandable, and it is stainable. So it’s great for fixing little problems in woodwork.

The SamaN stains are my favourite of their products.

The stains are water based and do not leave overlap marks. I have a bottle of their ‘oak’ colour and it is almost a perfect match for my woodwork. Every time I notice a chip, discoloration, or other mark, I dip a Q-tip in the stain, apply it, and then wipe it off with a tissue. It even works on the pressboard casings that have worn edges. What an easy way to do maintenance and a great product to keep your RV woodwork looking nice over time!

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