Running out of Superlatives

Three weeks ago at this time I had just completed my first day on the road and was camped within site of very familiar lac Roland in Quebec’s Vérendrye Park.

Tonight, I can see the Canadian Rockies from my living room window.

I’ve run the whole gamut of emotions these past three weeks, but not once have I shed a tear, and now I can’t stop crying. I am so overwhelmed in the best of senses by this life I have chosen, by this country I was fortunate to be born in, by the variety of its landscapes and the generosity of its people, and by all the opportunities it gives me.

I’m at a really nice park about an hour west of Calgary and will be here for a full week. I hope to visit Banff, Calgary, Canmore, and Drumheller from here while reserving some time to research my mountain crossing, to figure out exactly what town I should use as a base of operations when I get to British Columbia, and to start looking for work.

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  • Greetings from back home… today I move to my new office… how much fun is that! We still miss you at coffee… in your last pick I am not sure if you can see the mountains from where you are… with all the clouds in the background I can’t tell. Enjoy the Rockies… they are spectacular. How are the nights… getting cold yet? Take care and be safe… Denise (Dee)

  • Hope the move went well!

    The mountains are there! 🙂 Draw a straight line from the back of the car, driver’s side, right up to that spruce above it. There’s another spruce next to it (towards the right). That dark space between the two of them is mountains! 🙂

    It is getting cold. I’m starting to leave the furnace on at night now instead of just getting to start it in the early morning. The furnace is set to go on only if the temperature dips between 18, so at least it doesn’t actually run all night (it’s noisy!).

    I miss the chit chat!

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