May 21, 2014 - Personal    2 Comments

Rethinking the Boardwalk

Last year, I used pallets to make a boardwalk from the door of the RV to the truck. I intended to do the same thing this year, but soon realised that it was a waste of yard space.

I couldn’t figure out a cozy corner for my friend L’s Marshmallow and then clued in that if I removed the pallets, smoothed out the gravel in front of Miranda, and trimmed some sucker growth, I could have a really nice landing spot for smaller RVs (I have room on grass for bigger ones!). It would also be pretty much the spot where L parked last year, which he found very satisfactory.

So between work spurts today, I hauled and raked gravel to make a level surface along the back of the passenger side of the RV and then hauled the super heavy pallets with almost no space between the boards to make a deck.

I think I earned the biscuits and stew I have prepared for dinner. 🙂


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  • Too bad I never head up that way; you make me feel welcome.

  • Why not come this way just for the heck of it? 😉

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