Resting Before Departure Mania Starts

I’ve had a fairly calm ten days that included two full weekends and five weekday evenings off. The weather has been crappy and I decided to just coast. I have been working very hard this winter and it’s been good to just breathe and immerse myself in a new-to-me TV show and let my mind quiet itself in preparation for how much work is ahead of me. I’m transferring management of the apartment complex to the new manager, so the work day has been full. Soon as she’s up and running, I’ll start focusing on getting back on the road. I don’t expect to be able to breathe again until I’m across the North Dakota border!

This weekend, I met some folks who read Full-Time RVing in Canada and wanted to talk to me about it since they were coming through Lethbridge. Gary made another one of his great dinners last night. And, quite exciting, there are half-packed boxes in The Apartment!!! I’ve got a box per room in the rig. As soon as I complete work in each room, I’ll be able to start bringing things back in. I can’t wait to be home. 😀

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  • Hi Rae,

    What is the “new-to-me TV show “? I often find myself interested in an old show that has been out for years that I never had time to watch.

    That Gary sounds like quite a cook!

  • We, your faithful readers, are ready for you to be home, too. 🙂

  • It will be interesting to see just how much “stuff” you have accumulated since moving into “The Apartment”!

  • Croft, just the new vacuum! 😉

  • Gary, it’s a show out of Quebec, La galère.

    As for the other Gary’s cooking, YUM. 😀

  • I looked up La galère
    sounds interesting, just a little too far for my roftop antenna to pick up :B

  • It’s really good! But I don’t think it’s available in English. If you understand French, then head over to iTunes and download there. 😉

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