Repriming the Study

This is what my study looked like last night. *sniff, sniff*

I don’t like white! I miss my green! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

But don’t cry for me, blogosphere! I put on coat of this lovely shade this morning:

This fresh green is much closer to the vision I had for the rig, that it would be light and feminine even though I do prefer darker colours. I will have a better idea after the first coat dries of whether or not I love it, but I definitely like it and am not having any regrets!

I bought a full gallon of paint, remembering that a quart barely got a coat on last time, but this must be better paint because I’ve hardly made a dent. No matter, I think it’ll take four coats to really give good coverage over the old paint. It’s great painting weather and I’ll be able to put the second coat on tonight.

Once the green is on, I will still have a bit more painting to do… I also desperately need to get over my fear of screwing up electrical work so I can a) move my 120V outlet to a more sensible location and b) move my inverter into the study.

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  • Pretty hard to screw it up. Just go colour for colour on the AC outlet. Unplug the rig before you get into it. For the inverter, run new wire from the battery. You can go under the rig and up through the floor. Be sure to use heavy enough wire. Do you have a chart for wire size?

  • I know the theory, I’m just concerned about the execution. 🙂 With the outlet, I can’t figure out a neat way to bring it down. With the inverter, I don’t want to drill through my floor. 🙂 As for wiring, I haven’t really looked into it yet. I’m assuming I can get the correct gauge 120V wiring at a home store but I’ll need to go to an auto parts place for the 12V wiring?

  • Correct on the sources for the wire, you can buy it by the foot at both places. How do you intend to get wire to the inverter? It is important to take the shortest possible route and there is nothing wrong with coming through the floor. Just use a small hole and caulk when you are finished..

  • I have to figure out a way to get the wires from the battery compartment and across the chassis while making as few holes as possible.

    Where it’s at now is idea; it couldn’t be any closer to the battery. Where it will be is as far away from the batteries as possible. I’ve been using an extension cord. Am I better off having the inverter wired close to the battery and running the extension cord or bringing the inverter about 20 feet from the battery?

  • Yes, it is much better to have the inverter close to the battery and then use an extension cord to get it to where you need it. Voltage drop is higher at low voltages. Use heavier gauge wire, #12 or better, not #14.

  • Oh, well, then! I won’t bother moving the inverter! It would be neater to have the inverter in the study, but I care more about efficiency.

  • On the AC, are you just moving the outlet down to the floor on the same wall? If so, is it an exterior (insulated) wall or an interior wall?

  • The outlet is on the underside of a cabinet adjacent to an exterior wall. My idea was to run the wires inside the cabinet (they have two bottoms, the inside one pops out to access wiring) to where I want the outlet drop down. Then I would drill a hole in the cabinet bottom and bring the wires down along the wall and cover them with a plastic conduit-thingy (don’t know the name, but you put the wires through it and it sticks to the wall and you can paint it) so I wouldn’t have to tunnel through the walls.

  • It is possible they used foam insulation in interior walls as well for rigidity. It will be difficult to run new wire through foam insulation unless you can remove some paneling (on either side of the wall) and then replace it. You will have to buy a special, shallow electrical bod for the thin wall. Make your splices in the original box and buy a metal plate to cover it. It can be painted.

  • Our posts crossed, forget what I said. You have it nailed. Easy!

  • My walls are styrofoam.

    I know I’ve got it nailed, I just can’t seem to get moving on this. And, yet, it would make the room so much more functional!

    I can’t figure out why they put outlets under the cabinets…

    (while I have the cabinet bottoms out, I’ll also be adding a 12V outlet to this room!)

    Thanks for your help. Your confidence in me is inspiring. 🙂

  • You can do this stuff! Plus, you are not afraid to ask for advice, that is why we all have confidence in you.

    They put the outlets in the easiest (cheapest) places for them to work.

  • I helps that I had two very handy parents. 🙂

    I’ll check out the home store this week and see if I can’t just get this project done. I’m tired of having my UPS cord stretched out across the room!

  • What you want is called a Cable Raceway.

  • Thanks! I know I could have found one by stumbling around the electrical section, but knowing the name will be easier. 🙂

  • At 12v, you need 10 times the area of wire compared to 120v of the same power. I would buy all the wire at the home center, they have more selection than an auto parts place would. You might consider wiring the 120v out of your inverter permenantly rather than just using an extention cord.

  • I’m not sure how I could wire directly from the inverter, at least not with this inverter. Should I end up upgrading to a larger wattage unit (a distinct possibility), then I will explore that option. For now, it’s just easier to snake the extension cord across the rig when I’m boondocking. If I do end up upgrading the inverter, I am going to consider the possibility of getting one that’s wired directly into my electrical grid so that my 120V outlets would be live even off shore power.

  • Use a plug, and just make a permenantly placed extention cord. Sorry I wasn’t more explicit the first time, I was thinking that then.

  • I still wouldn’t have a way to neatly permanently install an extension cord. 🙁

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