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Planning Adventures

I spoke with my neigbours today and asked them if they would be willing to look after Miranda for a few days while I go tool around with the truck. Certainly! They’re here on and off, so we’ll need to match our schedules in the next week or two.

Looking at my schedule and budget, I don’t see myself spending any more time on the Gulf Coast beyond this stay. I know there is good boondocking in the Port Aransas area, but it’s not free and it’s on sand, something I am leery of attempting. I’d rather go explore the area in the toad and then leave with Miranda for San Antonio, Austin, and points north. I have wiggle room in there in case Croft and Norma make good on their decision to head this way!

There is also the matter of my teeth. I am overdue to visit a dentist and I have thought for a good long while of visiting a dentist in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. I found a dentist recommended by Mexico Mike, so that’s all I needed, no need to shop around! I emailed him tonight to tentatively book an appointment and get a bit more info and he got right back to me! I’m expecting to need just a cleaning and to have a filling fixed, with the estimated cost being a mere 75USD to 200USD, and possibly lower!

It will be really nice to head out in the truck for a spell as that’s the reason I bought it!

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  • $75 sounds like a good deal, $200 would be what we pay around here.

  • $200 would be if I end up needing multiple fillings or extra work. I’m told to plan on about $75 if I really only need what I think I need.

  • Did you check if you will need US dollars, pesos or credit card? Arrangements may have to be made which may include telling your credit card company to expect a charge from Mexico. If you need US cash, take it across with you. Pesos you can get from an ATM in Mexico.

    I know you are so bloody organized you will have thought of all this. 😉

  • LOL I checked with Mike Nelson and he confirmed that I will need to pay in USD. He said to not bother with pesos in NP, everything is priced in USD. I cannot wait to get deep enough into Mexico to be able to use pesos!

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