May 26, 2011 - Finances, Work    4 Comments

Piecemeal Income

I still haven’t had any hits on a full-time job and time is running out to make ends meet for June. I’m grabbing every little contract I can.

Today, I’m spending about four hours counting cars for a traffic survey, from 7AM to 9AM and from 4PM to 6PM. The morning shift flew by! There was a lot of traffic so learning to use the counter device and coordinate my fingers kept my mind occupied. I hope to be more accurate this afternoon. The most important thing I learned is to not drink a giant coffee if you’re going to be sitting in a car for two hours. 🙂

I also have an extra day of flier delivery this week, so that will help the bottom line.

One thing I’m having to do this month that I hate is be very aggressive with my accounts receivable. I did a contract for someone who has tons more work for me, but she is ignoring every email where I ask about being paid for the first batch. Needless to say, I don’t have time to waste with someone who has no intention of paying me!

I still can’t believe I’ve been here almost eight weeks and haven’t had a nibble, not when I’ve been employed in much smaller markets in much less time!

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  • Sorry to hear of your difficulties Rae! I assume you have tried the local gas station / convenience stores? Not very glamorous but regular income and you could probably get a recommendation from your old boss at the Mohawk here. I am sure you have tried these, just grasping…

  • Croft, I have tried EVERYTHING. Everyone seems to be hiring, but no one is interviewing. I apply in person whenever I can and try to speak to a manager, but nothing seems to be working.

  • What about Waterton Lake? You were there a while back. Our daughter worked in the Prince Edward Hotel at waterton Lakes when she was just out of high school. It used to be a very busy place during the summer. I suppose though that the tourist industry will be down as well these days. I don’t know much about Lethbridge although I have a cousin living there. I thought you’d easily find work there.
    I hope you soon find something.
    Elaine in Saltair BC

  • Maybe you need to threaten to publish the name of the non-paying client. That sometimes works.

    If it someone you can actually go see you can use Nick’s method of going into her office and start helping yourself to her equipment. He collected stuff worth more than he was owed then when the non-payer complained replied something like, “since I have no use for it the stuff is not worth as much to me as it might be to you.” He got paid. 🙂

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