Passport Update

Thanks to the wonders of tracking numbers, I was able to confirm that my passport application arrived safely in Gatineau on March 2nd, two business days after I sent it off, which is perfect. Had I been in Calgary, I would have expected it to be one business day, but from Lethbridge two days is okay.

I just logged into my online banking account and learned that my application fee has been processed. They do not charge the fee unless the paperwork is in order, so it looks like I will be getting my new passport in time to leave on schedule! I continue to be very pleased with the simplified passport renewal process. It’s not often that I say, “That was painless!” after going through a government process!


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  • You should wait until you are holding the passport in your hand before you breathe a sigh of relief! So far, it sounds great.

  • LOL Oh ye of little faith. 😉

  • […] took me a minute to clue in and realise that, hey, my passport had arrived! Other than the fact that my picture looks like a booking photo after I’ve had a hard night […]

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