Out of Excuses (Except For, You Know, Weather and Lack of Time)

I still have a couple of carpentry projects pending in Miranda, but they keep getting pushed out of the way because they need some sawing and my trusty jigsaw died last winter. This summer, I asked Gary if he had a jigsaw I could borrow and he didn’t.

Fast forward about six months and look what was under his and Jody’s tree with my name on it:

jigsaw (picture taken for my French readers!)

It was all Gary’s idea. Isn’t he great?! Of course, I had to open the box the minute I got home and plug the saw in. Thankfully, I have nothing to saw in The Apartment. 😀

Jody had a lovely pashmina for me and, I can’t believe I was surprised, some Tupperware! Hee hee.

I went over to their place today for a non-light lunch. I am looking forward to deep fried turkey later this week. 🙂

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