Oh, Happy Day

I just got in from a visit with my friend. She has been sooooo ill this week. 🙁 But today she felt up to a short visit (and, most importantly, she was no longer contagious!). I treated her to a late lunch/early dinner at Cracker Barrel. We wound up having very little time together on this visit, but I’m grateful that we had some time. I am planning to spend the American Thanksgiving with her and her family. If those plans fall through, then we’ll know for sure we’re cursed.

My last Amazon package arrived yesterday, so I was able to pick that up. She also gave me fun present that is going into Miranda’s cab: bacon-scented air freshener. Isn’t she hilarious? There is a bit of an inside joke to that, with my being a new convert to bacon and her being a lifelong fan of the stuff.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow with the rig repairs. I’m going to pack the rig tonight since I’m sure Miranda will be ready for a road test by tomorrow afternoon (well, a captain can hope). I’m staying home in the morning until the mechanic comes so I can get a status update and ask that the tire pressure be checked.

Once Miranda comes back from the mechanic’s road test, I’d like to take her out myself and get fuel. The nearby dump station is closed, so heading that way is out of the question. I also need to look for propane, but I think that is going to happen en route.

If I can be underway first thing Tuesday, then my ETA in Quebec is noonish Thursday. I’ve got the route planned out and have done all of it before except the bit between Albany and the border. So I know that the first bit will be a little challenging while I get out of the Richmond/DC corridor, but once I get to I-81 (from route 17 at Fredericksburg to I-66 to I-81), it’ll be smooth sailing.

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  • It’s about time we got a post for today!

    Good luck in the morning with the mechanic, fingers still crossed, champagne still on ice!

  • My goodness, someone’s addicted to this blog!!! 😀

  • “My goodness, someone’s addicted to this blog!!! ”

    HAAAAA HAA HA……….:-)

  • please be careful as you get to Pennsylvania on I-81. I live not to far from the Maryland border and I have been experiencing an increase in aggressive driving.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Been seeing a lot of that since I got to the east coast. 🙁

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