Oct 10, 2012 - Canada, Quebec, Travel    4 Comments

Not the Wind

I was just drifting off to sleep last night when the weirdest thing happened. Miranda shifted ever so slightly. I really felt it up in the overhang. It didn’t last and I shrugged it off as being a particularly bad gust of wind.

No, as it turns out, I just experienced what a magnitude 4.5 earthquake feels like in an RV. If there hadn’t been reports of the quake all over Facebook, I would have completely forgotten about the weird event last night.  So I wouldn’t call a magnitude 4.5 earthquake particularly memorable!

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  • Earthquakes in RVs aren’t as scary as when in a building. We are used to our RV moving. 🙂

  • Don’t under estimate 4.5 It depends on the depth of the epicentre and the type of ground it hits among other things. There are areas where a 4.5 can really do a number on a community. I’m glad yours wasn’t memorable though. 😉

  • Linda, side to side movement is rarer. 🙂

    Donna, don’t scare me! 😀

  • Gypsy has got it right. I have been in a 6.8 quake and a 3.2 and quite a few in between. The 3.2 was the most frightening because I was only a couple of miles from the epicenter.

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