Not Level

I got home at 8 and Miranda was still on a tilt. 🙁 The way everything was left gives me the impression that they might do some work on her tomorrow after all. The welder did come. I took a picture, but I forgot to grab the camera and getting to it right now feels like too much work. The thought of going to a hotel this weekend is depressing beyond measure.

Open letter to the moron who rear ended me:

I AM ANGRY AT YOU MR. BEAN FROM OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn’t enough that you destroyed my car and damaged my motorhome. No, your recklessness has forced me out of my home. I’m not being compensated for the fact that I haven’t been able to cook at home in days or that my home is in shambles and barely usable because of the car stuff being stored in it. I’m so tired of having that bicycle in my living room! I have to move it to access the inverter then move it again to access the loft and then move it again to get to the stove… I’m also not being compensated for the lack of sleep and the stress you put me through.

There was no reason for this to happen. You made a CHOICE to tailgate me and so you CHOSE to turn someone’s life to chaos. I hope that your insurance premiums go through the roof!!!!!

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  • That champagne bottle is calling my name 🙂

    All of this will make that un-corking all that much better soon!!!

    Hang in there, trust me, this is going to make the greatest story of all time for your memoirs’.

  • *note to self, pick up some bubbly*

    This isn’t the greatest story of my life by a long shot. That dubious honour goes to the Ice Storm of ’98.

  • LOL, LOL, LOL, Feel better now? I see a new ebook, what to expect when someone rear ends your home! Are you writing it yet? G

  • I thought I’d feel better after a good night’s sleep, but I still feel angry. 🙁

    Maybe not an ebook, but a post…

  • Why aren’t you asking for those damages? I think your living expenses ought to be covered by his insurance since he forced you to move out of your home.

  • I got a hotel. They won’t cover restaurant meals since I would have had to eat anyway. As for the lost of enjoyment of my home, that’s so intangible that I’d have to sue. 🙁

  • “This isn’t the greatest story of my life by a long shot. That dubious honour goes to the Ice Storm of ’98.”

    OK, I want a link to that, OR, if that story is shared sometime in the future, I would like to be in on that.



    I was in the heart of it. Almost a month with no power at home. Shuttled around from one place to another. Limited resources. Only one shower in all that time. No privacy. The army evacuating towns was a scene out of the Holocaust, with folks forced from their homes and into trucks to be taken to shelters. The thud of combat boots during the inspection of our home (to make sure we could live their safely). Curfew. Cooking over a fireplace, in a fondu pot, on BBQ. Having to eat meat (and getting very ill from it). Lighting up our bunker with candles donated by a Temple in Jerusalem. The sound of the stove going on, signaling the return of power. Never taking electricity or running water for granted again after. Here was born my need to be self-sufficient off the grid.

  • Holy Crap, I knew you were tough but I had no Idea. That is an absolutely amazing event. Again, I had no Idea…………

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