New 120V and 12V Outlet Reveals (Plus Progress in the Study)

Here’s the new undercabinet 120V outlet that I installed the replace the original one.

I had to put in a new one since the RV-type outlet would not allow me to directly power an outlet from it. Croft said that my options were to pigtail or to install a house-type outlet that would let me add on. He recommended going with the second option since it involved fewer connections, so I did as he said. No, I would not jump off a bridge if Croft told me to, but in electrical matters I am happy to defer to him. 🙂

Here’s the new outlet that I installed behind my desk (paint looks blotchy because it’s still wet!):

Yes, the box is meant to be painted. It’s not invisible, but having the wiring hidden in a raceway painted to match the wall makes the whole thing look much better.

Next up is what looks like a terrible painting job. In my defense, this is an area that you can’t see unless you crouch directly underneath the window, so I didn’t feel that it was worth the effort to get in there with a small brush. Here’s the new 12V outlet:

As you can sort of see, I brought both the 12V and the 120 wiring through a hole in the cabinet behind the valance. The 12V outlet is wired to a nearby light. I selected this location because a) I already had a hole there, b) I had 12V wiring I could tie into, and c) this location allows me to plug in my 12V blanket it and use it both while sitting at the desk or lying on the bunk.

This afternoon, I also moved the former bar, now cabinet, for the third and last time!!! I have finally found its rightful place and I am sure I will be using it a lot more now:

It’s now on the wall to the right of the entrance, opposite the vanity in the dressing room and fits perfectly. Locating it there was a real DOH moment for me!

Moving the cabinet freed up the wall space at the foot of the bed and so I finally put up the final piece of artwork that I have been lugging around for almost four years wrapped in a towel and unwilling to give up even though I seemingly had no space for it:

It is a picture of the Egyptian goddesses Isis (winged) and Hathor (head dress) on payprus. I bought this print at the Luxor in Las Vegas and somehow got it back undamaged to Gatineau, where I had it framed.

Finally, I don’t have any good paint comparison shots, but this should give you an idea of how superior the new paint is over the old paint:

The new paint is a bit lighter and has an eggshell finish rather than the super glossy finish of the old paint. I like both colours equally, but the lighter green is wonderfully fresh, and this paint job isn’t full of mistakes since I bought a gallon and was able to do four coats (with half a gallon left!) instead of squeezing in a single coat out of a quart!

Tomorrow, I will get started on a bit of carpentry and priming and may even do some more painting.

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  • How exciting to keep making your home more and more yours!

  • Linda, “a good house is never done”, LOL!

    I really do appreciate that I can keep improving my house because I don’t have any major maintenance issues to deal with.

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