Murder Charges Laid in the Case of Missing Albertan RVers

Nearly two years after Lyle and Marie McCann disappeared on the Yellowhead Highway while RVing to Abbotsford, murder charges have been laid against their accused killer Travis Vader.

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  • On your way down I-29, between Sioux City, Iowa and Kansas City, Missouri was the location of the 2011 Missour River Flood. The longest lasting flood in the history of the United States — Over 5 months in some places. You will see many dead or dying trees and sandbars remain as far as 5 miles from the river. The grass still isn’t growing very well in many of the places and the farmers may not be able to plant crops this year as there is up to 8 feet of sand on their land. When you get to Missouri Valley, Iowa to Council Bluffs, Iowa, the flood plain was up to 11 miles wide. Many people flying into Omaha said it looked like Lake Michigan with trees sticking up out of the middle of it. I-29 was closed for close to 6 months due to flood waters over the road and then drying out enough to be safe to drive on. Also as you go along, look at the shurbs and trees along the road. You can see the water line as it got deeper and deeper the closer you got to Council Bluffs. Just before Hamburg Iowa there are 3 grain bins which were almost swallowed by a whirlpool or a sink hole. Fun Stuff!

  • Good news, indeed. I hope that if he is guilty, he will be sentenced accordingly.

  • P.J., I did see a little of that, but not nearly as much as you describe. Thank you for sharing your stories of the flood. I’m so glad you guys got through it okay!

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