Moving Day

It was much too cold, damp, and windy to paint this morning so, with the realisation that it’s October 1st (!) it was suggested that it would be a good time for me to move out of the RV park so it can be shut down. I packed up quickly, went to dump, filled up the gas tank, and manoeuvred myself into position behind the restaurant, where they have a few spots with 30A and water. Even though the hookups are on the wrong side, my 30A cable and 10′ hose are sufficiently long enough. It’s not nearly as good a spot as being by myself down in the RV park, but there is one huge advantage: treated water. The water in the RV park is straight out of the ground. Even after filtering it, drinking this water is like drinking blood, it’s that iron rich. Moreover, I am irked by the rust spots in my plastic bathroom sink and toilet, so at least they won’t be getting any worse.

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  • Sure dose look it it’s start to look like winter is on the way, We enjoy reading your may want to take a look at our blog.

  • Thanks for visiting and commenting. Winter is most definitely on its way; I woke up to a frozen hose for the first time today! I will check out your blog, thanks.

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