More RVing Friends and a Visit to Gruene, TX

Today, I drove north of San Antonio to meet up with longdog2, and then we pushed on even closer to Austin so we could meet up with a couple of other RV women, including Malia Lane!!! I just need to meet Andy Baird and I can die happy that I have met my RVing mentors. 😀

One of us just had a major exciting big change in her life (not me!), so there was a lot of gabbing about that before and during lunch, which stretched well into the afternoon!

On the way home, longdog2 and I stopped in the town of Gruene (pronounced Green) because I had promised Croft I would go there. It’s a cute historic town full of antique shops and is the home of the famous Gruene Hall honky tonk where George Strait got his start. Built in 1878, this decrepit old building is the longest continually operated dance hall in Texas! Wow!

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  • It was a great day. So glad we got to spend it together.

  • Indeed. Thanks again!

  • Interesting side note: Patsy Cline bought the song, “Crazy” from Willy Nelson for $25, one month’s rent for Willy. He needed to pay his rent more than he thought he needed the song. She got an excellent return on her investment.

    That hall just teems with music history. I stood at that bar and had a Lone Star Beer, raising my bottle to the old greats.

  • I didn’t know that! Much as I love Willie, I can’t imagine him singing that song.

    There is a wonderful movie out of Quebec called C.R.A.Z.Y. The father in it was so enchanted by that classic tune that the first initial of the names of his five children spell the word crazy (hence the title of the movie).

  • […] ‘King William’ was actually Wilhelm of Prussia. This neighbourhood was mostly built by affluent Germans in the mid-1800s. There is a lot of focus on the Spanish influence in Texas, but not so much of just how much the Germans contributed to this state. And, yet, there is German everywhere, especially in the town names, such as Gruene. […]

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