Missing Radio

I technically don’t watch tv, but I’m a big fan of radio. My favourite station is the French CBC.

When I lived in the Gatineau Hills and had a commute I’d wake up to the morning show and listen to it all the way to work, first in the car and then on a portable radio as I walked the twenty minutes from my parking space to the office building. At night, I’d leave just in time for the afternoon show.

Sundays, I liked to cook to the tune of the Sunday morning oldies show on the country station. We were encouraged to listen to music during our work day, and I’d flit between the soft rock and country stations.

Radio pretty much went out of my life when I hit the road and I have missed it horribly. Most places that I’ve been have had either no choice or a poor choice of stations. Vancouver Island is horrible; the only good station I get in some places (definitely not Campbell River) is the Vancouver country station that I favoured when living in Surrey last year!

Talking with my best friend other day I mentioned how eager I am to hook myself up with Sirius satellite radio. But it’s just one more of those technological luxuries on my list and I can’t give it any more priority than another except for hooking myself up with my own internet. That’s when she mentioned that, hey, she has a Sirius radio she doesn’t use any more, would I like it? The caveat was that I’d need to get an antenna for it as well as pay the annual service fee. Small caveat!

So, guess what came in the mail today?

This model is meant to be mounted on the dashboard and play through the vehicle’s sound system. Miranda’s sound system happens to be wired into the lounge which means I’d be able to get good sound throughout the rig. The programming list is great; I’ll get French CBC, plus access to a ton of country and oldies stations. The cost is a lot cheaper than I would have expected, about $15 per month if you pay for a full year. That would be a big chunk of an internet bill, but now that I have the equipment it makes sense to get set up for radio. Besides, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do about the internet situation and I won’t have to think about that until September.

So, to my friend, THANKS! 🙂

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