Minus Two!

History seems to be repeated itself, with a mild November bringing a chilly December. We are supposed to go as low as minus five over night this weekend! It’s presently minus two at 9:30, which translates to slightly chilly inside with just the electric heaters on. No sense running the furnace when I’ll be leaving in a few minutes and it’ll be going well above zero by noon.

So far so good, weatherwise. Lows of minus five overnight are fine; I’ll just add a couple of extra blankets and maybe set the furnace on low. Miranda holds up well until minus ten, so I don’t anticipate being uncomfortable.

The nice thing about this weather is that it brings clear skies!

I came up with a brilliant (if I do say so myself) use for my dinette cushions. Would you believe me if I told you the seat back cushions are exactly the right dimension to cover the side windows in the loft while the two seat cushions end to end are exactly the right size to cover the front window? Yes! What a find! They are good insulators and make it super dark and cozy upper there. I just need to reupholster them at some point. Otherwise, the ‘finding new window coverings for the loft’ portion of the makeover is done!

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  • Watch for condensation running down the windows behind the cushions! Good idea though. It will make it nice and cozy up there!

  • The kids do only one chore: opening the window coverings in the loft so they can look out. They do it without fail, sometimes way earlier than mom had planned to be blinded by the sun. 😀 They’ve already figured out how to grab the cushions and pull them down (I bet that Tabitha uses her claws, but haven’t yet figured out Neelix does it). With the air flowing and sun hitting the windows, condensation isn’t a problem on the side windows. For the front window, I’ve added some of that shrinking plastic and it helps a lot.

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