Matters of Income

Oh, I was born to be retired! 😀

It’s been such a lovely couple of days, what with the good weather and lack of schedule. I’m slowly catching up on things at home and have reorganized the study into a place where I might actually be able to be productive. One thing that amuses me is that after a year and a half on an evening and late-night schedule, I’ve been an early bird for over a week! I know it won’t last, these phases never do, but I’m feeling a tad turned around!

Income-wise, I’ve applied for a few contracts, was accepted as an article writer for, and visited the Osoyoos employment office. The setup is exactly as it was two years ago in Oliver, advertising jobs that I can find online, in addition to picking positions that are not going to be worth my while. I’m fairly convinced that I’ll be wasting my time looking for a job at a physical location and am focusing on online contracts. I’m only committed to being here two to four months and will be taking a week off in November, so that makes me look even less desirable to potential employers. I will look for a cashier-type job when the holidays come around, if I’m still in Osoyoos then.

Also, this time around I don’t have RV park management expecting 60+ hours a week in exchange for a site (*cough, cough*) so I am expanding the search radius to Pentiction for professional-type jobs that would be worth the commuting time and expense.

One of the things I’ve learned about earning income on the road is that I’m better off having a bunch of small contracts than a single full-time job. This gives me more security in that if one contract falls through I still have some income and it allows me to pretty much set my own schedule. This latter part is especially important since it means that if I find a short-term lucrative project, I can take it on by shuffling my other commitments without worrying about the full-time job that’s eating up all my time.

There are still three weeks left before I hit desperate status, so I’m just going to chill, work my contacts, and enjoy pretending that I don’t have a care in the world. 😀

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  • How was your expierence with suite101? Loved this post by the way! 🙂 Glad to see you taking it easy for a little while.

  • All I know about suite101 is that the application process is easy. I haven’t submitted an article for publication yet.

  • I thought of you when I saw this job posting. I know they say they are looking for an in house person, but I can’t imagine they’d find many people fluent in French Canandian in Austin.

    Just a thought that they might be interested in a contract/consultant type…


  • Unfortunately, I don’t have anywhere near the technical language skills required for a job like that! 🙁

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