Making Better Use of Enough Space

Miranda has only a teeny tiny pantry, definitely not big enough for a full-timer who cooks at home! I ended up commandeering the three shallow upper cabinets in the lounge as extra pantry space. It’s enough. I don’t have room to really ‘stock up’ on anything, but I can’t really carry all that much extra weight anyway! When I moved the food from the house into the RV, it was at the last minute. My friend and I just dumped stuff where there was room and I promised myself I’d sort it all out ‘one day.’

Well, that day has come. 🙂


pantry11pantry2pantry3The issues I needed to solve were:

1) Like items were scattered all over;

2) I had no room for the rolls of plastic wrap, wax paper, and aluminum foil;

3) Items I use frequently weren’t accessible.

First step was to clear out the cabinets so I could start with a blank slate:


A mere ten minutes later, I got an overwhelming urge to cook.



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  • I see you like good coffee, and you don’t eat junk food!
    Congradulations on successfully reigning in the chaos.

  • Coffee can: It actually holds sugar! It was part of the ‘gifts’ left to me by my neighbour in Cochrane, Alberta. I buy my coffee in tiny quantities, in whole beans, which I grind fresh each morning. So, you’re right about the liking good coffee part! 🙂

    Junk food: there’s some chocolate there. 😉 I do eat junk food, but I don’t keep it on hand. If I get an odd craving for, say, potato chips, I’ll just buy a small bag of my favourite kind.

    Thanks for the comment!

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