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Mail Management Update

Just before leaving Dawson, I made some changes to how my mail will be handled seeing as nothing should be going to a UPS store in Quebec anymore. 🙂

The first thing I did was file a change of address through Canada Post to redirect my mail from Gatineau to Dawson City for six months. This will give me time to catch the few things for which I forgot to change my address.

The second thing I did was request a redirect of my mail from Dawson to Croft’s home in Campbell River starting September 21st until May 1st. This means that mail will be coming directly during the most crucial time of the year (ie. tax season) and that I won’t have to rely on anyone to check my mail box and forward things to me. Croft has informed me that the redirects have worked as he has received some mail for me. Hopefully, he won’t be inundated. 🙂 When I return to Dawson in the spring, a few weeks’ worth of mail will be waiting for me.

Initially, the cost for the services made me faint. The change of address was $50.79 and the redirect was $117.60. So, I went over my mail related costs for the past year and found them to be close to $400, more than twice what I’m paying this year! I paid about $120 for the UPS store box and then I had to pay each time they sent me mail. When I was in Oliver, I had to use UPS seeing as the post office wasn’t reliable, to the tune of $30 a pop. This will be much more efficient and I can do as I’ve always done, giving my local address for one time deliveries.

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  • “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

  • 🙂 The mail carriers, perhaps, but the people who work behind the counters sure can hamper delivery. Just look at the idiots who work at the PO in Oliver.

  • Bonjour Rae:

    Pourquoi ne pas faire livrer le courrier chez une personne fiable qui possède un scanner? Ainsi, cette personne pourrait dès réception de votre courrier, le balayer (scanner) et vous le faire parvenir par courriel en version pdf. Comme ça, il n’y aurait plus de frais à payer.

    Je lis votre blogue (intéressant d’ailleurs) et je suis déjà rendu à mai 2009.

    Victoria et Ottawa

  • Ghislain, je veux garder mon autonomie et je ne veux pas que quelqu’un sâche tout ce qu’il y a à savoir sur moi.

    Je suis contente de savoir vous trouvez que le blog est interessant. Faut dire que je ne vis plus une vie ordinaire. 🙂

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