Mail Improvements

Until I got here, all the parks I’d stayed at preferred that mail not be sent directly to them (courrier deliveries okay, though). So, I’ve been having my mail sent general delivery. This worked out fine until I got to Oliver. The post office there was really bad. Canada Post’s services are notoriously poor, but these guys were the champions of bad service. They misplaced some of my mail, didn’t lift a finger to find it even though I was able to prove that the mail go to their office, and tried to blame me for the error when the package was finally located. I wound up having my mail forwarded directly to the resort by UPS at 30$ a pop!

At Pacific Border, mail can simply be sent to your attention. There are bins at the front desk where mail is sorted alphabetically and guests can go through the appropriate bin to find mail they’re waiting for. Sure, it’s not the most secure method, but, really, how secure is your mail when it’s sitting in a box on your porch anyway?

I continue to be pleased with the service I’m getting from the clerk at the UPS store in Gatineau where I rented a box. Several weeks ago, I emailed him to ask if some mail I was expecting had arrived and if so to please send me all my mail to Oliver, otherwise I would try again in a week. He replied that the letter hadn’t arrived. Two days later, he sent me another email telling me that he’d spotted my letter and my mail was on its way. This is a busy store so talk about service!

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  • we also use the local UPS store for our mail. and they’ve been extremely nice and accomodating to us for the whole year now. and the mail service has been great. we do tend to mail packages from the local post office tho – – the UPS stores add a premium to shipping costs here…so it’s worth driving over to the post office to mail packages or other oversized mailings.

    sounds like you’ve found a nice place to roost for a while. the pics are great!

  • I find UPS rates exorbitant and their service appalling, so I will never use them for mailing purposes unless I get stuck like I did in Oliver. I’m shocked by how good the service is at the store!

    This place is SO great. I just hope I can afford to stay here next month. :-S

  • BTW, I was able to get a PO box in the green set across from XXX for no charge. I only paid a fee for the forward to it. It is working much better than GD, but not all sites do that. My Bellevue mail charges $113 because I don’t have a physical address in the area, and even using my girlfriend’s address, it is assigned to her box #.

  • (FYI: I removed the park’s initials as I’m trying to make it as unobvious as possible in this blog what park in Oliver I was staying at.)

    I’m glad that you’ve found a good setup for your mail. I still find it easiest to have a box in Gatineau where everything goes and which maintains my residency, and then having the mail forwarded every so often to where I am. People who send me mail regularly get my local GD or park address. No mail lost so far, although the Oliver post office did it’s darnedest to beat that record!

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