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Looking At the Calendar

Until last night, I planned to pull out of here on or about March 7th and head to San Antonio. Looking at the weather from Dallas and points north lately, and across the continent as a whole this year, I suspect that spring will come late this year. Even though I want to give myself plenty of time to get back to Canada, I want to delay hitting iffy weather as long as possible.

The budget is tight, as it always is, and there aren’t a lot of free places like this in Texas where you can spend an extended period of time. I found a spot in San Antonio that will cost me $5 a day, so I plan to spend two weeks there. But if I leave here on the 7th, that puts me in Austin around the 21st and I haven’t found any free places beyond Walmarts and the like in that area. I wouldn’t mind bouncing around for a few nights, but that’s no way to live long-term.

All that to say that as long as no county officials come knock on my door and tell me to move on, I’m going to spend one additional week here and leave around the 14th of March. I’ve seen some of the other boondocking opportunities along the coast and I just don’t see any point in moving. Expenses here are super low, I have a full social calendar, and the weather has been good.

Being here another week will also loosen up the budget a tad for the trip north so that I can keep traveling rather than just try to get from point A to point B while spending as little as possible.

In other words, I don’t want to move and I’m glad I have a good reason not to. 🙂

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  • I know the feeling! I want to delay leaving as well. At least BC’ers will be able to spend an extra month (was 6, will be 7) away as soon as the new legislation is passed.

    We spent two nights in Austin in a fairly expensive (for what it has to offer) RV park. I would love to spend more time there just for the music venues.

    San Antonio is nice. Be sure to “do” the river walk and see the Alamo. A drive to Gruene, TX is worthwhile just for the history and to look in the famous honkey tonk where George Strait got his start and everyone else who is anybody in the music scene performed and signed the wall.

  • Ontarians have had more than 6 mos for ages.

    An extra month is only good if you go to Mexico, though, since both it and the US only allow 180 days, regardless of how much time Canada allows us to leave.

    Every time I mention San Antonio, I get told not to miss the Riverwalk and Alamo, LOL. The Alamo is the reason why I want to go to San Antonio. 🙂

    Thank you for that time about Gruene! I LOVE George Strait! My favourite song of his is “Living and Living Well.”

  • I couldn’t imagine a radio playing without George Strait coming on at some point…

  • My favorite is Amarillo By Morning

  • I’m trying to think of places to stay in Austin and McKinney Falls State park comes to mind but isn’t cheap and they charge $5 a day entrance fee on top of that unless you buy the season pass. My house is close to Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Office Max, and Costco. I have seen rigs parked at all of these locations. For all that I thought you might park on Sanderson Lane (78749) down the street from me for a few days. It is a dead end with a big circle at the end. Possibly park in our drive for a bit…we are supposed to have a 72 hour limit. I was just parked there for several days and didn’t get any complaints.

  • The Overnight RV Parking Finder has a ton of spots for Austin, so I’m not worried about finding a spot for a few nights while I check out the sites. I’d be nervous about getting on your neighsbours’ bad side, so the commercial spots will do me just fine. Austin will definitely be a stopover, not a destination.

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