Loft Improvements

This is a before and after post, but I’m not calling it that since I was more focused today on insulating the windows than getting the curtains finished. Otherwise, the space is DONE!

The loft was another area of the rig that completely justified doing renovations. At this point, I estimate that my interior renos, including furniture and appliances, will end up costing me about $1,800. I’m at about $1,500 right now, not counting the Eternabond and the dehumidifier. That’s not very expensive when you consider that a) my space is more functional and b) ripping things out enabled me to find leaks that might not otherwise have been detected until they turned into major structural problems.

The end result for the loft was to have it be less damp and to add a mildew-resistant paint to the walls. That was it. I wound up having to put in a new floor, too, but it was still a pretty easy reno, regardless of the delay, and Eternabond not withstanding, I didn’t bust the budget getting things fixed.

It’s still damp up there, but it’s a different sort of dampness because it’s just window condensation rather than stagnant water from a leak. I will have to do more on the windows if I spend another winter in a cold, damp climate, but I wouldn’t consider that I have a problem at this point.

So, the loft at purchase:

Make a note of the too short, hospital-green curtain pushed in at the right there.

The loft about a year ago, after I added the pallets:

The loft after I emptied it at the start of the renos:

Same corner of the loft after I started to pull away wet material:

And that corner again with new flooring and the wall dried out:

And now…

The new quilt was a complete indulgence. I badly wanted something that would tie in all my colour choices and started looking at about the same time I moved into the rig. It took two years to find the ‘perfect’ quilt, and it was just $20, and at the Walmart in Omak of all places! At that price, I decided to indulge.

The fleece over it is, of course, for the kitties! 😀

The ugly and too short hospital green curtain has been replaced by three dark green insulated curtains, the gorgeous colour of which doesn’t photograph well.

The instructions on them say DO NOT IRON, so I apologize for creases. 😀 I’ll try to steam them in the shower one night. These curtains were an amazing find by Donna. There is no way I could have made insulated curtains for $11 a panel.

This is what I intend to do for the other two windows:

Just a cheap polyester shower curtain (ie. something that can get wet without mildewing!) that I cut, hemmed, and added snaps to. I’ll be redoing that one; it was a test. Polyester is VERY hard to work with!

Notice the shelf above the window?

All I did was:

1) flip a window valance around so the top became the bottom and secure it above the window;
2) cut a piece from the big window valance to fill in the front;
3) glue and nail the front piece to the valance.

I’ve always had a shelf for storing things at night, but had to remember to move the things when I hit the road. Now, I don’t have to worry. Easy mod that will really increase the livability of the space!

My only disappointment with the redo is that to fit the dehumidifer in a practical location, I had to relegate the suitcase to the foot of the bed, so I lost my headboard and now have an item that is purely ‘stored’ instead of being used actively. And, no, sleeping with my head at the other end of the bed is not an option because of the ladder placement. And, no, moving the ladder is not an option because of reading chair placement. 🙂

Here’s the dehumidifier:

How perfect a place for it is that? It’s space that I never used and I will never have to worry about the dehumidifer when I’m traveling. I have plenty of room to pull out the bucket of water, which I can empty out the window! I did consider the option of making a hole in the wall for attaching a drain hose, but I don’t see any reason to do that when I can empty the bucket so easily.

You may notice the less than crisp edge on the yellow in that last picture; it’s so that there will be a less obvious delineation between the paint jobs in the library and loft.

Both kitties are thrilled with the new space and happy to lie on their fleece blankets:

I’m really happy with this reno and cannot believe what a burst of colour can do to my mood.

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  • Rae,
    I follow your renovations with intense interest and attention to detail. (Although now you’ve made me extremely paranoid about my own Class-C “floor”). The loft is amazing and I adore the yellow, the quilt colors, and the kitty ears. Have you posted photos of your Library area yet? I may have missed them. Actually I’d love a “tour” of Miranda all on one blog entry somehow, so I can see everything now that you are nearing the end.

    Thanks for all the amazing ideas and encouragement. Color on the walls–Miranda is simply BEAUTIFUL! May you have many more successes, safe travels, and happy years in her.

  • Looks awesome! Love the color, love the quilt. So much warmer than the original. You’ve done an amazing job on this.


  • Thank you!

  • Debbie, just make sure to keep checking your seams! 😀 There’s a bit about the first phase of the library renos, with the most major post being at I’m about to start the decorative part of that makeover, so new pictures will be forthcoming.

    I am considering doing a video tour of the rig when I’m done. We’ll see. 🙂

    Thank you for your comments!

  • Looks much more comfortable. Do you have a light up there. Do you ever read in bed?

  • The light is on in the first picture about the makeover. 😉 It’s in the perfect location for reading in bed, which I do, with both books and ebooks on my iPod Touch!

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