Like Being At An RV Park

I am inexplicably exhausted and lethargic today. I think it’s because I’ve been getting up too early after not quite enough sleep. I always have that problem when I go to bed before midnight. I wake up super early and cannot fall back asleep. At least, I go out for exercise when I’m up that early, so the exhaustion isn’t for nothing.

Late morning, I headed into Port Lavaca for some produce. I had a disappointing lunch special at La Antigua. My special was a cheese enchilada (minus ‘beef gravy’), rice, beans, and a chicken flauta (which was a fried corn tortilla with yummy seasoned chicken in it). The enchilada was lukewarm and smothered in plasticky cheese sauce. I was really not impressed. They do serve their meals with a really nice salsa and chips so I was able to brighten up my lunch a little and give it some kick by drizzling the salsa all over everything. I’d go back there, but I’ll be sticking to their full priced menu next time as those items seem much fresher and have pico de gallo and guacamole.

I then got my groceries and headed straight home… to find this:


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  • Ha, that’s like being in a basically empty movie theater and someone sits almost on top of you. I’ve experienced it many times and never understood it. I wouldn’t park on top of someone like that any more than I’d purposefully sit down by them in the theater if there was room to spread out.

  • I am going to have a hard time being friendly if they say hi. 🙁

  • Pretend not to speak much English if they say hi? 😉

  • How about, “Hi there ~ I’m curious why you have parked so close to me when there is so much room available?”

  • Oh, that’s good! “Hola! Je ne parle pas ingles!”

  • Only if they make the first move. Otherwise, I am pretending they are not there.

  • I hate to admit I do that when traveling in other countries when peddlers and the like approach me. I have no patience for people whose only interest is to make me buy something. And they all seem to speak English (in addition to their own languages). I feign confusion about what they’re saying to escape. The first time it was an accident, but it blossomed from there.

  • I was waiting for someone at a Vancouver Skytrain station once and did not see the sign that said I had to have a ticket to stand in that area. Huge fine if I didn’t. A transit guy came to ask me for my ticket and I replied in my thickest French Canadian accent that I didn’t understand and was waiting for a friend and had no intention of taking the train. I should have won an Oscar for that performance. 🙂

  • Ha! An Oscar for sure since you obviously played a convincing role!

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