Journey to the Mothership

This morning, I awoke with a shock around 4, the enormity of yesterday’s events and the gamble I took finally making a full impact.

If I’d been turned away at the border yesterday, that would have been it for me regarding the US. Good luck ever coming in again, even for a day trip. But I did make it in for an extended period of time, with my rig, and as a pre-retirement age full-time RVer with no stable source of income. I set one hell of a precedent. Next time I want to go in under similar circumstances I can say that the folks in Sumas, WA, felt that I posed no threat and also proffer the paperwork yesterday’s agents told me to have on hand for future crossings. I opened the gateway to future American adventures and suddenly started a new chapter in my full-timing life. I expect that border crossings will always be difficult, at least until I retire, but this precedent is an excellent step for me and a good note on my file.

So, I awoke to the smell of the sea, bright blue skies, and a radiant sun.

I’ll pause here to say that I’m within Blaine city limits, about fifteen minutes from Pacific Border RV Park. I spent four months living on the border with Blaine and never once set foot in the town! Kind of funny in a way.

For the first time in months, I bounced out of bed. I hadn’t realised how much my fear of crossing the border with the rig had been weighing me down. I spent the morning puttering around, walked to beach, and fiddled with my fresh water hook ups; not managing to get a leak-free set up.

Being forty-five minutes away from Camping World and having never been there, I decided it was time to go!!! I hit the road around two, enjoying the drive down I-5. It reminded me of being in coastal Maine, except that the ocean was on the wrong side.

Camping World was awesome!!! Sure, it has a lot of the crappy products you can find at Canadian Tire and Walmart, but they also had better quality options, plus tons of gadgets. I found a much higher grade of water hose, but, like all water hoses, it had crappy fittings. I ended up stopping at True Value on the way home and getting better fittings, which were easy to install. I also found the fluorescent bulbs that I needed for the light fixture under my sink, something I have been hunting for for months. I’ve missed it so much!

I got in and installed my new water system: house-grade pressure regulator, brass quick connect, new hose, and a new high-grade washer at the city water intake on the rig. For the first time in two and a half years I hooked up my water and did not have to swear! Hooking up fresh water has always been the most onerous part of RVing and it is now much easier.

Tomorrow, I will make it a point to go for a long walk with my camera. I picked a great spot to hole up for a month!

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  • Really enjoy your postings. Teflon tape does wonders with making good water connections!

  • I picked up a roll of the stuff last night. It’s twice as expensive in the US as in Canada!

  • You are getting famous Rae!
    Your Vancouver Sun article just arrived in my mailbox via Passport America’s NewsBlast. I wouldn’t be surprised if you gain some publicity/notoriety from that one!

  • I hate to say it but I’ve never been in a Camping World! Their online prices seem so much higher than other sources, but they do carry a lot of items. Glad you can relax now that the border crossing is over and done with. If we ever meet I will share my border story with you, but I don’t dare put it in print!

  • I had a lot of trouble with INS when I was younger as I used to cross over into the States often to work with an occult group. I then started dating one of the guys, which lead to even more visits! I was often questioned, oh it was so annoying. And then. . I married him which lead to a lot of paperwork and more interviews. ..such a hassle. Then I actually turned in my green card, eventually(!) which they just couldn’t believe. They had me go on video saying I did not want to live there, no I would never want to live there. They were just so flabbergasted that someone would not be so happy to be there.

    I’ve never had problems coming into Canada. O Canada! lol

  • Thing is, I have no attachment to Canada and would love to live in the US. Just as I’d love to live just about anywhere. I have no ties. But I’m willing to play by their rules for the privilege of vacationing there. I find the hoops silly sometimes, but I to me it’s worth jumping through them.

  • I found the prices very reasonable (then again, I’m from a foreign country, so everything seems cheap here!). I bought the $20 membership and got an instant savings of $6, so I know the membership will pay for itself.

  • I hope that fortune follows fame…

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