It’s Here!

UPS doesn’t deliver to Lethbridge for some reason, so Purolator does the deliveries for them. I got hold of Purolator this morning and was told that a driver attempted delivery yesterday morning at 10:30, which was horse hockey since I was in the office at that time and have a full view of the parking lot. Anyway, I could tell I was going to have several more days of waiting for the package, so I decided to just go to the depot and pick up the package myself! Well, that wasn’t without drama, because dealing with UPS is always frustrating, but I finally got to bring home my iPad!!!

my iPad "Miles"!

Isn’t it beautiful?

I had to pay UPS $48 in brokerage and other fees, which is fine, and actually a lot less than I expected. So the iPad wound up being about $60 more than it would have cost to buy it in Canada. BUT my out of pocket cost is $100 lower than if I had just bought through Apple since I got to use my Amazon gift certificates so my convoluted acquisition process makes sense.

I can’t wait to play with it, but I have a huge job to do tonight. I will let it taunt me a little longer. 😀


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  • So glad you finally got it! If you like yours nearly as well as I like mine it will be worth the hoops you had to jump through to get it.

    Here’s my current favorite resource for using it:

  • I already know I’m going to adore it because it’s essentially a giant iPod Touch. What I’m going to gain is the ability to watch videos without squinting! 🙂 I also look forward to seeing more text space on the screen, and being able to type more easily.

    Thank you for that link!

  • What a nice toy! A friend of mine use hers as an e-reader.

  • Julie, this bonus from my boss beats the turkey Lafleur once tried to give me! 😀

    Mine will be an ereader and a mobile blogging centre and a video player and a music player and so much more!

  • Awesome! You need a birth certifcate for your new Baby!! Have fun with it.

  • Gina, I don’t think even I can be that silly, but it does have a name (Miles, after Miles O’Brien, the chief of operations on Star Trek’s Deep Space 9)!

  • Linda, thanks for the shout out.

    Julie, the iPad is no toy, trust the fritter on this one.

    Rae, great blog. Linked you up on

    Capt. Fritter

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