Internet Independence

One conclusion I’ve reached in my year on the road is that I need to regain my internet independence.

It is unrealistic to expect RV parks to provide even the minimum amount of internet service someone of my generation needs. I use the internet for everything and I have high bandwidth needs, from posting photos online to watching videos to Skyping. Β I have been playing by park rules as much as possible this summer and it’s really starting to cramp my style. There is so much I’d like to post to the blog and the blog is just one small part of my online activities.

I still can’t envision being able to afford a tripod satellite system and air cards, a burgeoning technology in Canada, won’t work where I spend most of my time. Next year in Dawson, I’m going to see about having my own personal DSL account right at my site. In the meantime, I try to surf like it’s 1996 and I’m on minute-by-minute dial up. Nostalgia isn’t much to be cracked up about…

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  • I have felt the WIFI pinch in RV parks as well. I am always careful and try to be considerate but when you watch a caravan pull in you just know that in a few minutes the WIFI will slow right down as 20 or 30 less considerate folks start downloading the movie they are going to watch tonight! I have thought about a rooftop system like Tioga George uses, but like you simply can’t justify the cost. But then nothing I do is that pressing and there is usually a restaurant nearby that has free WIFI.

  • Here, you can’t download movies; our system kills downloads immediately. They are also about to block sites like Youtube, Facebook, Blogger, and WordPress… Yeah, let’s just say that things are about to get slightly ridiculous. πŸ™

    I can definitely justify the cost of a satellite system; I just don’t have the funds. Maybe I should put a huge “Support Rae’s internet dependence” Paypal button on the blog?! I’d even be happy with a tripod system! πŸ˜€

    What do you have at home? Count on me having that upgraded to super duper high speed unlimited for the winter (at my expense, of course!). πŸ˜€

  • I think campgrounds will have to upgrade their systems to deal with the reality that the internet and all of its uses are here to stay. Actually, useful internet is going to become more and more expected as younger generations become RV’ers.

    The KOA where we are workamping for the summer has just spent $4,000 upgrading their system…and it wasn’t really that bad before. But now, eveyone in the park, including the tenting area has at least 3 bars of wireless strength. This past weekend was the real test…we were full (125 sites) and I noticed only a slight slowdown in speed.

    Rae, what is the problem with the system at your campground that they have so many restrictions on use? Do they not have high speed available?

  • Kevin, the problem here is bandwidth, not signal strength. They have a ridiculous limit of something like 20GB for a 195 site park and 50 room motel with many long terms rentals and community facilities like the laundromat and showers. Staff is advised to tell those logging on that our system is strictly for emails! What is this, 1996?! I got into a bit of trouble for posting to the blog until research showed that uploading smalls pics isn’t the issue while streaming video and webcams are. The owner sees the internet as a frivolous luxury, but I’ve slowly been able to get her to see that she can’t expect long term rentals to have the same needs as overnighters.

  • So they can’t increase the bandwidth limits? Or they just don’t want to pay for it…?

  • They don’t want to pay for it. We had big fines this year for going over the bandwidth, so now we have to limit who gets online, charge non-guests using our other facilities, and give everyone a lecture about not doing anything bandwidth hogging. *sighs*

  • “They don’t want to pay for it.”

    That’s what I figured. It is possible to do it right, but it costs money. I wonder how much they lose to other campgrounds in the area who have a more proactive attitude…

  • We’re the only full-service RV site in the area so we can pretty much do what we want and get away with it. πŸ™‚ This is a great place and very customer-service oriented except for the internet. No RV park is perfect! πŸ˜€ I am trying to convince the owner to give long term renters the option of paying less rent and getting their own internet account. I should be able to get myself a DSL connection next summer if I’m here at least four months.

  • I just got onto the bell stick here in Ontario, Rogers has their version as well. Works great you might want to check into it for your area.

    Really like what your doing, I stumbled across your blog this morning and reading your posts.

    My son is 15 and I bought him a Check pickup 4 wheel drive, and looking at getting him a truck camper to go on the back, I would really like to see him, take off for a year or so and live alittle before becoming a cog in the wheel of society.

    I will check back on your blog often.

  • Thanks for visiting, Coal!

    I still haven’t forgiven Bell, so at this point I would still prefer to gouge my eyes out with a spoon than give them business again. πŸ™‚

    Your son is very lucky. I wish my nomadic tendencies has been nurtured like that instead of squashed down. My life would have been so different.

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