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Intact Insurance Great To the End

I read a lot of bad reviews of Intact automotive insurance, but they were great to me while I was insured in Alberta. After my accident, they appraised my car fairly. They then made sure I had a rental car while I needed it and got the car settlement cheque to me quickly. They also honoured their promise to pay me the real cost of setting up my new toad for towing if it was more than what they initially paid me. I didn’t even have time to wait for that cheque it arrived so quickly!

So I was rather surprised that they never sent me my claims history or that they were so slow in processing my cancellation request when I transferred residency to Saskatchewan. I was rather irked that they took my payment in September when I was already paying SGI and they had been given plenty of notice.

I called their office in Calgary on Friday and got to a live person who said that I needed to speak to my broker about the cancellation. I told her that I had sent him the paperwork on September 3rd. She replied that he had probably forgotten to send it in (very likely, he was veeeeery slow dealing with everything) and that since I had a digital copy of the form, I might as well send it directly to her. I did so immediately.

A single full business day later, my September payment has been credited to my bank account.

I hope that I never again have to make a huge insurance claim, but I am glad that when I had to, I was able to deal with a company like Intact.

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  • I hope your new insurance turns out to be as good as that in the case you ever need to find out.

  • Saskatchewan insurance is government run, so I expect dealing with it will be a nightmare.

  • Had a major claim with Intact 5 years ago and they were awesome unfortunately this year their house policies have increased by over $1200. I did not want to switch to another provider but there is no way they are worth the high policy increase. With a home policy make sure you take a video or pics of the interior and the contents, and put this copy in your safety deposit box. If you ever have a claim you will not have to try and prove what was in your house.

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