I Love the Free Store!!!

Dawson is an awesome place to work on decluttering projects since it is so easy to dispose of items: just take them to the free store. I’ve been on a decluttering frenzy this summer, ruthlessly piling into a basket anything I haven’t used in two years, like extra linens, clothes, kitchen items, and books. Yesterday, the basket was spilling over, so I decided it was time to take everything to the dump. While there, I did some quick browsing, but I really wasn’t there to shop. I did get a couple of coffee makers for work and two sweaters for myself, then was about to head out when something told me to open a box.

I did and hit the jackpot:

It’s a working, clean, rice cooker!

I’ve been hankering to try one of these since the first time I tried to cook rice on the RV stove. It just doesn’t work because there’s too much heat. I’ve always ended up with spillover messes. The microwave wasn’t much better. So, I’ve probably had rice only about once a month since hitting the road, which is a shame since it’s my favourite carb! But I didn’t want to invest in a rice cooker until I knew if I would like having one or not.

I gave the machine a quick wipe and then added rice and water in the proportions I would use on the stove (2 of water to 1 of rice), latched the lid, and turned on the machine. The result, only a few minutes later:

Not a bad first attempt! I would have needed a bit more water and also to spray the bowl with non-stick spray seeing as I got a lot of stickage. But I’m definitely a convert! I’ll be able to make a full pot of it once a week and have rice for several meals. A friend told me that the tray at the top with the holes is for putting veggies and even fish. I think I need to read up on what can be made in a rice cooker!

There’s another wonder appliance I love, the breadmaker. I’ve had one for almost ten years and wouldn’t be without it. I can go for months-long stretches without making my own bread and then go on a homemade bread frenzy. Unfortunately, mine was dying a slow death and didn’t bake reliably anymore.

Not a problem, a friend brought me back this from the free store a little while ago:

As the title says, I love the free store!!!

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  • Congratulations on finding the rice cooker. I have always loved them as there is no doubt how it will turn out as long as you measure it properly. I like to cook Japanese style (sticky) rice and have also cooked wild brown rice in it. Both turn out perfectly. I always spray the container with Pam and cleanup is a breeze.

    If I have much leftover rice I like to make fried rice with it – I cook crumbled up bacon, and chopped green scallions, then the rice (if it’s cold it takes some chopping to get it to the right consistency, then crack an egg(s) while mixing constantly. Add Lawry’s seasoned salt (a little at a time, to taste), and soy sauce, and voila! One of my favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    I had a bread maker (cheap one) in NC and it never made very good bread, but I still want a bread maker.

  • Hooray for you. Those are the two appliances I want. But I do like taking out all my aggression when kneading bread by hand. Maybe I can find something at Quartzsite this winter.

  • As you can see from my email address, I am a chef but a retired one. I would love to send you some really cool info on cooking rice. I is directed at cooking stove top but you can adapt it to your new cooker. The concept is the same. Also, do you ever use your bread machine on the “dough” cycle. I make super delish yeast rolls, Focaccia bread, Italian Bread, and Pizza dough for crust with my bread machine. If you are interested, I can send you recipes. Are you on FB? I post alot of Foodie stuff on there. Oh wait~~can you see my email address?? Hmmm~~ So if not, let me know how I can send you the recipes if you are interested. I think it is sooo cool that you met Jennifer from Living in my Car. I have followed her for awhile.
    Love your free finds!!

  • Loving the rice cooker, but having problems with things sticking. 🙁 It’s not a problem to clean up after a good soak, but it is a bit disheartening. I’m experimenting with brown rice at the moment.

    To me, no rice is ‘leftover’ since I always make a huge amount at one time for future meals. 🙂

    Black and Decker makes awesome breadmakers. 🙂

  • I satisfy my need to knead with pizza dough. 😉

  • Serena, I haven’t used my breadmaker on the dough setting. I make pastries, pizza, etc. by hand. Don’t know why, it’s just always worked out like that.

    As for FB, I only use it to keep in touch with my immediate family, and that’s under duress. Can’t stand the site. 🙂

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  • hey there,

    I am reading your posts about Dawson because, I have an interview to work at the local museum for the summer. I live in Hamilton, On and and interested in learning more about the city.

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and I have a lot of questions about moving there for the summer. Do you know any good resources that could answer questions about moving?

  • Nesreen and I took this discussion to email, but here are some of the tips I offered to someone who is flying into Dawson for a summer and who is on a budget:

    Housing in Dawson is in very short supply and therefore expensive. But you’re from Toronto so I don’t think the sticker shock is actually going to be that bad. The chances of finding an apartment are just about nil. The cheapest way to live in Dawson for a summer is in a tent or to rent a room at the youth hostel. So, no running water or electricity for the summer! Next option is the Bunkhouse. http://www.dawsoncitybunkhouse.com/ Shared bathrooms. Another popular option is to rent a motel room at Bonanza Gold, where I worked. That’s about $1,000 a month, but you get privacy and your own bathroom. Rooms can be shared by two people as well. There are people in town with rooms to rent as well. The sooner you arrive, the more options there are.

    Summers in Dawson are hot, so depending on when you arrive and plan to leave, you might not need to bring much cold weather gear. Between May and the end of September, you’d be fine with a pair of long pants, a fleece, a light coat, a pair of shorts, and a bunch of tee-shirts. Between the thrift store and the free store, you should be able to find any clothing you need. Dawson is VERY casual. I’d save space in my luggage for things like feminine hygiene products that cost an arm and a leg up there!

    Groceries in Dawson can be pretty outrageously priced and the selection is limited. You’ll probably discover, as I did, that if you know where to go, you can actually eat out for less than it would cost you to cook, and you’ll get better food. I usually had breakfast and dinner at home and I’d go out for lunch.

    Finally, if you have a bicycle, find out how much it’d cost you to take it to Dawson and back. Bikes are the mode of transport of choice up there and are in short supply. Just be sure to bring a good lock!

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